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Need Advice on Buying a Powerlifting Belt (UK)

Hi All,

I am looking to buy a belt for powerlifting, but it’s quite a difficult decision (especially as there doesn’t seem to be a lot of choice in the UK).

After doing some research I at least know I want:

  1. Single prong
  2. 13mm thick
  3. Leather

Price is not a massive issue (under £100 would be nice but I’m willing to spend if it’s a good belt and will last).

So, any advice on what I should get and (most importantly) where from?

Cheers in advance.

I have a titan brahma and it is awesome. Look at the titan us website for distributors.

I have an Inzer belt and would certainly recommend it. Mine is the 10mm Forever Lever belt and it is more than sufficient. Still in top condition after more than a year and a couple meets.

Unfortunately Inzer’s 13mm buckle belt only comes in a two-prong. Their single-prong option is 10 mm. So not exactly what you are looking for but Inzer is still worth a heavy recommendation.

I have been trained by 2 different elite lifters who have competed at the national level for several years. Neither of them are sponsored by Inzer and both heavily recommended Inzer equipment to me when I asked, so I have always used Inzer.

Check out Pullum-Sports, theyr UK based and stock Titan belts (I got my Longhorn from here), I think they stock other US brands aswell.

The SBD belt looks shit hot but its a lever I think.

the SBD belt is with a lever and looks nice as f

also Inzer

not to mention you can buy a belt off of someone else, like amazon or whatever

I would definitely consider a lever belt. I will never go back. Only down side is I needed two so I don’t have to adjust them to the lift

@Vincepac1500 different for each lift?

I wear my squat belt up high so its a size larger and my deadlift belt low. Basically opposite of what everyone else does

Gotcha… I wear mine the same for every lift. Honestly I thought thats what most everyone did lol

I have a lever as well and find that a pain in the ass; adjusting the size from squat to deadlift. You wouldn’t think it would be that big of a deal but somehow it is. I switched to a wahlanders se

Beast Genetics are a good brand for the price as well (and it looks like a bunch of their black belts are sold out) but it may be costly to ship.

Hi All,

Thanks for the advice. Spent the weekend doing more research and looking into the brands that were recommended.

In the end, I went for this belt - mobilitytools.co.uk/shop/belts/modifit-elite-13mm-single-prong-powerlifting-belt as it ticked all my boxes and was available in UK.

Again, cheers for the advice.