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Need Advice on Blast and Cruise

I have been training for a little over 8 years now and have done a few cycles during that time always with PCT. I’m 38 years old and weight 220 pounds. The last cycle I did it was for 8 weeks with anadrol 100mg e/d for the first month, test 500 and trembolona acetate twice a week. Now I am cruising with a 250mg shot of test enanthate each week and my question is… How long do I have to wait to run my next blast… What type of blood exam do I have to do in order to know if everything is going fine… And if someone can explain me when I get my results…I really appreciate all the help that you can provide me.

Blood work should be a male hormone panel with sensitive assay for e2, plus cholesterol, liver function (AST, ALT), thyroid function, and blood composition (HCT, etc). Once you have it done you can post it here and various people will help you interpret/understand it.

Thank you my friend… I certainly will!

You are kind of already blasting. 250/wk is a shitload to take all the time. Did you use blood tests to determine you needed that amount?
There is a good chance your T receptors are already desensitized and you will feel nothing when you Blast.

You need to be running mini blood tests every 3 months. If your HCT goes over 54% you will really increase your chance of a heart attack. Yep even at 38.

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