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Need Advice on Belly Fat Loss


Hi all,

Over the past 6 months, I have dropped 24 pounds. I have lost weight in my face, legs and houlders but not belly. I work out 6 days a week and eat leass than 1800 calroies a day. My weight is coming down and so is my body fat, but my belly size is still the same where my belly hangs over my belt. So I am not sure what to do now. I realy could use your help on what I am doing wrong. Here are my stats:

36 year old male
Starting weight 6 months ago: 220
Now: 186 pounds
Eat less than 1800 calories a day
Do 3 sessions of 45 minutes of machines
Do 3 sessions of 40 minute cardio run/treadmill/eliptical

Eating 3 meals and 3 snacks a day
Following the ABS Diet of foods I am eating
Counting calories ans staying under 1800 a day

Breakfast: 2 eggs + turkey + tea
Snack: Strawberries or apples/oranges
Lunch: Cookede chicken + lettuce
Snack: Whey protein shake
Dinner: Chieck or beef with vegtables

So I have lost 24 pounds but they are all in arms, legs, shoulders and face. My belly only has gone down maybe 2 inches and right now my belly is a whopping 40 inches all around.

Can someone tell me how I can start losing the belly? My weight and body fat is going down but my belly is the same. I look skinny in the arms, face, legs and shoulders but my belly is huge and it makes my body look weird.



Keep doing what you're doing to lose fat.

Many guys tend to lose belly fat last, so you just need to keep getting leaner.


there are some great articles in the past little while that address exercise/nutrition to help general fat loss:

Fat on Fire!

Dave Tate Talks Bulking and Cutting

Farmer's Walks for Fat Loss

Density Training for Fat Loss

Blast: Matabolic Interval Training

Choose one of the exercise ones, read them all to see what appeals best, and then stick to it. Don't get on one, get bored and switch to another. Spend at least a solid six weeks on and keep track of your progress.


Math check: did you lose 24lbs, or 34lbs?

How tall are you?

The commonest answer is that you don't get to vote on where the fat comes off, and as long as you're losing fat, you're doing good, just stick with it, it will eventually come off.

If you're already at a low body fat %, then there may be something more complicated going on.


Thanks guys appreciated.

@EasyRhino: You are correct. I have lost 34 pounds. I mistyped.

I am 5-10 tall. I started at 220 pounds and in 6 months went to 186. So 34 pounds over 24 weeks. I am still dropping weight and my body fat is going down. But I have lost weight and look thinner in all areas EXCEPT belly. My body is so weird looking. Very thin all around but have a huge belly.

Should I change my eating? Should I eat more or less? Should I switch work outs? I am just not seeing belly loss :frowning:

Thanks all


Don't change anything significantly as long as you continue to lose fat.

Many people in your position will do something dumb out of impatience. Don't be one of them.


It could also be a posture issue, I know if I don't actively think about straightening my back than even when I was at my leanest which was around 10% bodyfat I still had a round stomach just because of bad back posture. Concave back = convex stomach.


lucky for you T-Nation just posted an article about this


Congrats on the weight loss btw!


Try cutting out the fruit for a week or two... or, actually, cut out the apples, oranges, etc. and just eat raspberries or strawberries in their place for a week. Then the next week swap them out with another fiber source like broccoli or baby spinach or cucumbers. That should give you a bit of a burn boost.


If you're not carrying much muscle, then 5'10" and 186lbs definitely sounds like a feasible point where you just need to stick with the diet and wait for it to do its magic.

Does your belly feel firm or jiggly? There's a chance of some severe bloating due to a food intolerance or something.