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Need Advice On a Workout Program


Hey im training for college football, and have devised a program to simultaneously gain strength, speed, explosion and hypertrophy. which are all needed for my position as a lineman. heres what im thinkin:

1. Power Clean 5x3
2. Squat 5x5
3. High-Step Ups 5x5
4. Bench Press 5x5
5. Rows 5x5
6. Incline 5x5
7. Diamond Pushups 2xFail

Wednesday:Sprint Work
1. Hang Clean 5x4
2. Squat 5x5(75% Mon.)
3. Military Press 5x5
4. Deadlift 3x8
5. Chin-ups 5x5
6. Leg Curls 3x8
7. Squat Jumps (VertiMax) 2xFail
Friday: Shuttle Work
Saturday:(HIT Day)
1. Shoulder Press 3x12
2. Squat 1x20
3. 1x20 Tricep Extension
4. Deadlift 1x20
5. Bench Press 3x12
6. Rowing 3x12
7. Stiff Legged Deadlift 1x15, then Max Out Shrugs
8. Hammer Curls 1x20
Sunday: Sprints/Shuttle
Monday: Rest


I like it aside from the 1x20 DL and not having a heavy DL. I would have the dl on the first weights days (the heaviest) It is simply a great exercise to really LOAD the hell up and work on a base of strength. Then do something like lunges or step ups for the high rep day, maybe throw in a back extension or GHR for the high rep (1x20) day.

another addition to think about on the non resistance days. Sprints and shuttle work are great. Building that speed etc. but in your line of specialty your not only moving FAST and explosively but under or against a load. Maybe add in some short burts work of dragging or pushing something heavy. Or take something from Dan Johns latest and do a combination complex lifting or pushing something then go straight to a sprint.

Best of luck, looks pretty damn solid.


i definitely will incorp. that in to my program. thanks for the help man


looks interesting, but i personally hate high reps. especially with compound movements.

20 rep deadlift set? doesn't make sense to me.


well, ive taken the deadlift out of the high rep day and made it 5x5 for tuesday, cuz that is kinda stupid. as for the high reps on the other exercises, they're meant for total muscular failure. basically a high intensity day


Thats a good choice IMO on the DL hell even lower than 5 reps IMO wouldnt be bad 1-3 reps.

I can also see the reasoning behind the high rep stuff now in the off season. A nice stint now of even PURE hypertrophy training wouldnt be a bad idea either IMO. and back off base it on strenght (PRESERVATION) in season.

But all in all hitting all those different qualities etc sound good to me. will be interested in how it turns out. A shit ton of workt there Imagine you'll have to EAT and rest a Ton as well.

Let us know how it goes


ill do that phill. thanks for the help