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Need Advice on a stack

I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I have been using some anabilics off and on for a couple of years. First I experimented with some Andro-NorAndro stacks. I did maybe 4 cycles of about 16 days each. Now I am trying serious anabolics and was wondering if I am doing any real damage to my system. I just got on a cycle of 50 Naposim tabs for 3 weeks. I took 3 a day for a week, then 4 and then tapered down. I took two weeks off, and then took 40 tabs in the same manner for less then 12 days, with some Clomid. I didn’t break out or have any other noticeable side effects, other that my hair seemed to grow a little faster. As I was finishing up with D-bol, I took over with Nandrosol and Winstrol oral tabs (10mg). I had 90 of these things. I am taking 3 a day, and already been on it for around 4 days. I am now trying to shred, so that’s why I’m taking Winstrol. I have some Clomid left, and I will take it at some point. I need to know if I am doing any serious damage to my system. I am supplementing some Milk Thristle for my liver, but I am more worried about how all these Anabolics are affecting me. Would someone tell me what is the best way of finishing up these 80 tabs, with doing less dammage? Thanks.

Sorry I forgot to include, that I am 6’1, 200lbs(since I bulked up I have close to 15pounds of fat on me now) and I am 23 years old. Thanks again.