Need advice on a stack

Hey I’m looking to shed the fat while putting on lean muscle mass, I was wondering if stacking Mag-10, Methoxy-7, and T2-PRO is a good idea.

Anyone at all?

Your post wasn’t very specefic, so forgive me if you know some of this already.

-I wouldn’t suggest mag10 unless your lower bf, say under 13%

-Mag10 is great for adding mass/strength, but don’t use anything at the same time

-Use methoxy after your mag10 cycle to lock in your gains. Additionally, Methoxy is great for people at lower bf%, helping them to harden up and add a little mass

-I’m not that sure about T2, several friends used it but didn’t see that great of results, then again you can find it really cheap. If you have the money HotRoxx is great for shedding fat.

Summary: Possibly do a mag10 cycle for 2+ weeks, using Methoxy afterward to lock in your gains and lean down. Use T2 throughout the cycle and continuing afterward.

Make sure to have your diet and training in check, increase cals slightly, and get the protein in.

Give us a little more info if you can, age, weight, bf, current diet and training, etc. and we can help you further.

don’t take methoxy and mag-10 at the same point in time. do mag-10 first then the methoxy. T2-pro is good but i would suggest a combination of an Ephedra caffeine t2(thyrocuts) stack for 2 weeks followed by a week of t2-pro. you can still get the stuff all over the place. If you can afford it, hot-rox is great to do but you don’t want to be on caffeine too long considering that hot-rox also has caffeine in it. I don’t go more then 4 weeks in a row on caffeine supplements. mag-10 will allow you better recovery and workout intensity which are benefits the body needs whether it is bulking or trying to lose fat. diet will play a major role in your results and you better have patience. laters pk

Also make sure you have M or vitex plus Tribex for your post Mag10 cycle recovery.

K, you’re right I didnt post much info on me huh? Well I’m 18 years old, I weigh 225 lbs and am at a bf% of around 25, which is why i need to shed the fat here. I’ve been lifting for 5 years now and I just started eating right, I eat 6 times a day taking in a total of 2000 calories, 150 protein, 150 carbs, and 40 grams of fats. Right now I just basically do bulking lifting, which im going to stop. I’m going to start a meltdown routine and see how that works for me. so if any of you will repost and tell me what supplements I should take to cut down this fat and gain some more muscle I’d appreciate it. Thanks to those who posted already.

i messed up on that post, not 150 protein i do 200+ in protein

i would suggest you try the meltdown training or whatever other type of training for a few weeks to get in good shape and then use the mag-10 stuff to really bust through a sticking point. You’ll be much more satisfied with your results considering you are still young. At your bodyfat levels i would not think about bulking at all. rather you should run a t-dawg type diet or a modified cheater’s diet taking into account whatever your lean body weight is. Come down to below 10% bf. it will take time but it is worth it. Just because you are dieting to lose bodyfat does not mean that you will not get stronger. You will see your performance increase if you focus on training with intensity and constantly pushing yourself to do better. Once you hit a sticking point in your training then i would do the mag-10. but even that is questionable considering your age. I would not recomend androgens to anyone under 21 years of age, methoxy is a different story and soable for anyone at any point in time. laters pk