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Need Advice, Not Losing

Hi my names Ben I’ve been a reader for a little while now and thought its about time i stop reading an start doing blah blah blah.

I need to lose weight I am now 114kgs I was 121 kgs 5 weeks ago but last week I didn’t lose anything so I thought my diet was a issue I was only eating around 1200 calories.

The old diet was pretty much this minus the whole egg and the nuts. So will this diet and hard work get me too my goal weight of 85kgs?

My new diet is

meal 1
1 egg -
2 egg whites
medium apple

meal 2 -
22 almonds

meal 3
can tuna oil based
one cup of carrots

meal 4 chicken breast/steak with one cup of sweet potao/broc/carrots depending on what i feel like

add to that two protein shakes and 4 fish oil tablets

I train 6 days per week 3 on 1 off and it goes upp/lower/cardio each session lasts just under one hour

dont eat yellow snow and never text a girl when your drunk.

that is not nearly enough food… you are eating less then a 120 pound girl should. You have probably slowed your metabalism down to nothing…

eat 2400 calories for a few weeks to get it back up, and see if you continue to loose weight, if you do, stay there. if not, ONLY subtract 200…

I eat more then this before lunch and can loose weight at 206 pounds…

I’m not really sure what to add in or where to add it, I really have to drop weight its never bothered me before but now that my kids are running around i need to keep up with them!

I am 26 i have twin boys both 5 I am a single parent

Dood…you are eating 22 almonds for one meal? You should probably cut that back to 21…really.

don’t listen to the shit coming from the above poster your diet isnt that bad its around 2,000 calories much better than the 1300 or so you were eating.

Ratchet was spot on try and get your cals to 2400 and if you are still having problems cut them back slowly.

pm me if you need any help we are almost the same weight going for similar goals

Whats your training program like?

I hear all kinds of words like “upper” “lower” “cardio” and then see all kinds of garbage when the numbers and lifts hit the page.

Your diet should look more like this:

200g meat
2 whole eggs
can of spinach
cook as omelet

300g meat
Protein shake [40g]
can of spinach

100g meat
Protein shake [40g]
100g mixed nuts

as a broad generalization. Include cheese in the last meal if you can tolerate it well.