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Need Advice. New to All This

Just wanted to say it seems like everyone here has been at it for some time and would actually love to have some opinions. I recently just quit smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol. More over stopped drinking so I could stop smoking. Started working out over 2 weeks ago. I take pre workout and protein before I go to the gym and more protein with creatin after I leave. Was going about everyday and now at it where it’s 4 times a week. I work a decent physical job. Just looking for advice and pointers for moving forward. Also I’m always hungry and don’t know if that’s from quitting smoking or working out.

How are you training? If you let us know what your doing in the gym and also what your eating daily it’s easier to give advice.

Consistency, progression, good clean food with calorie surplus. Patience and hard work.

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Upper body one day, legs and abs the next, every other day. 4am to 5am. 10 minute run everytime. don’t have any certain system on doing anything yet. Diet is more just stay away from sugar and fried food. Eat a lot of eggs.

Okay, more detail the better but based on what we have to go on in regards of training. I would say it would be a good idea to pick a programme and run it exactly as written. Plenty of options but obviously which one depends on your goals and how many days you have to train. So many good ones on this site which we could link you to.

Impossible to give nutrition advice without a full breakdown of your daily eating. You are obviously not fat though which puts you in a pretty good position to start eating at a steady surplus to build some mass.

I can work out everyday if needed. But work 55 hours a week. I will push as far as needed so I don’t waste my time even doing this so if you have an idea of a great program to get started on that would be great.

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Full body, three times a week.

Lots to choose from on this site.

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Just my .02, I would start with compound movements and run a program that incorporates progression. Keep a log so you can see progress - physical changes happen too gradually for you to see them - taking progress pictures helps.

The program you choose doesn’t really matter, just stick with one for a while that incorporates Squats, BP, OHP, and deadlifts, and has some way of adding weight to the bar, and follow it.

Later you can worry about the rest of the shit.

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Good way to get in the swing of things here…

Probably both. Big appetite not sucha bad thing if trying to put on muscle (and dont eat like a jackass)

Hey really appreciate the input everyone.

I’m not sure what your specific goal is, but whatever it is, ^^^this is definitely not needed, and would be counterproductive. Like others have said lift hard 3-4 days a week depending on what program (pick a program and follow it), and maybe once or twice a week do some conditioning to keep yourself from getting fat, maybe lose some fat, and/or just generally be in better shape. As far as diet, don’t eat junk(easier said than done) and make sure hit hit your calorie and protein goals.

What does this look like? Are you training in lower rep ranges, high rep ranges, a mix, etc. how many exercises/Sets do you have per body part? Have you added any weight to the bar?

As of right now I go to the Gym at 4 am leave at 5 am. Run for ten minutes before I work out, Monday’s I work on shoulders and back. 2x10 of everything I can. Don’t have a certain program I run with yet. Tuesday legs run for 10 minutes and 2x10 of everything again with abs at the end. Thursday same thing but work on bi tris and chest. Saturday legs again. I have moved up 10 lbs this week on everything I use. And moved from 25 to 30 lbs on DB for bi and tri also for chest I use them. Don’t have a certain diet besides eat healthy.


You ask for advice in which nearly everyone said to pick a program that has compound movements and a progression built in, and yet a 3 week newb who doesn’t want to waste his time in the gym is instead…


Dude! I realise that you have ‘made progress’ on this, but if not wasting time in the gym is such a priority, get on a bloody program!

There have been several threads on this site with the discussion of “what would you do if you were a beginner again”, and literally no one answers “I would think that I can program better than the pros and just do what I thought will work”.

Looks like I’m going to do my research this weekend and start one on Monday.