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Need Advice, Low Test at 26

hoping all you wily vets can chime in on my unique situation…i was just planning on starting my cycle april 1st. i was gonna do 500mgs test e/wk dbol 30 mgs/4 wks. adex.5mg eod. 10 week cycle. well i had my bloodwork done monday. my doctor called me today and told me i was in great health and my cholesterol was great. but my testosterone level is 223.

he immediately asked if i wanted the gel or patch…i said more blood work, he strongly adviced i start one or the other right away and come back in two months. guys what should i do??? im 26 and im sure most of you will advise i just sells my roids and forget about the cycle but its hard when uve been waiting so long to start.

Also i had a testicular torsion when i was 16 so i had to have that testicle removed…other than that i feel fine…sex drive is through the roof, overall i have a great sense of well-being; so i dont feel like i have low test…i appreciate all the input and advice…maybe the greay Bill Roberts will chime in…thanx guys!

If you don’t feel like your test is low, I say you get more test done.

You may want to post this in the Over 35 as well. There are lot of guys on TRT that may be able to give you some advice.


My normal test clocks in at under 200 (I’m 29). I wouldn’t jump on Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) just yet. I personally dont think it is necessary unless you are experiencing some of the sides associated with lower test levels. While some doc’s consider anything under 300 low other labs and doc’s consider 200-1200 to be within the normal range for males your age.

I dont think having naturally low test levels should necessarily prevent you from taking anabolics, although it may require you to become more informed on the subject.

Even with proper pct, it takes me a little longer to recover after a cycle. That being said, I have always recovered to my normal levels within 12 weeks.

Whatever you decide regarding your cycle, I think it would be beneficial to get your test levels checked regularly, say every 6 months, to determine if your one low score is an accurate measurement of your normal levels. There are lots of things, apart from anabolics, that can raise and/or lower your test levels to some extent and it may be that you can get back up to the 300-400 range without the need for TRT.

If you do decide on TRT at some point, and I’m not an advocate for or against it (I’m not on it but probably will go on TRT at some point), I would consider the benefits of an injectable as opposed to the gel or patch. I know Test-C is sometimes used for TRT as well as Test-E on occasion. Find a local and reputable doctor who works with TRT patients as opposed to getting the gel from some doc with no specific knowledge on the subject. Best of luck and feel free to shoot me a PM if you have questions.


thanx guys…just went and picked up my androgel today…probably not gonna use it as ive seen most reviews on it…

I’ll bet you 100k that your zinc and/or HCL levels are low.

Go check out Charles Poliquin’s estrogen detox.

I went from 645 ng/dl (6 years of AAS abuse) to ~2300ng/dl in 24 weeks.

I want to note that I’m not trying to help Charles sell his supps, I’m just saying that he has collected a TON (and I do mean a TON) of data on athletes.

223 is pretty freakin low. but im gonna do my cycle anyway…just did a androgel pack and it feels weird…thanx for your input guys… its crazy alot of you are as knowledgable or even more than doctors…

how much zinc should i take? and isnt HCL women related issue? pardon my ignorance…

I think this is the product T-Matt was referring to:


It contains zinc & hcl as mentioned.

I used Poliquin’s hcl for months last summer. It is hydrochloric acid (betaine). Charles believes (through much experience) that almost everyone over the age of 20 is deficient in stomach acid which limits the efficiency of nutrient absorbtion.

He has a protocol to follow to bring back up lower levels. It can take a very long time before this is accomplished.

I ran it for over 2 months and while it definitely helps with digestion and I am sure assists in providing your body with a higher % of the nutrients you eat; I never got the “burning sensation” that is supposed to indicate that you can start reducing the dose. It finally became too expensive for me.

Poliquin’s products are pretty much tops. I know Christian Thibaudeau ranks them as one of the few besides Biotest and a Canadian company (XPN) that he would vouche for.

I do not know if this product would significantly help your particular situation.

Another cool procedure Poliquin and his trainees offer is Biosignature, They measure your bodyfat at 8 sites with callipers and they can then tell you which hormones require regulation. For instance (very simplified - they actually use site ratios),

if you have a spare tire - you have excessive cortisol

If you have a belly - you are insulin sensitive

If you carry fat on your chest - estrogen is elevated etc.

They then prescribe training and supplements to restore optimal balance.

You can check out if there is a practitioner in your area on their website.

thank you