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Need Advice Immediately (Surgery In 36 Hours!)

Hi. I desperately need advice. My basic question is this: I need to get bigger legs and it is really really hard for me to gain mass there. I need to gain about 15 pounds and I want most of it to go to my legs. I am having success right now doing weights. however, I need to have surgery on my ankle at some point. I will loose a ton on leg mass during the 6 weeks of immobilization. I will also have to continue to gain weight during the immobilized period (I can’t expalain why…it would take too long.)

I am afraid that if I do the surgery now I will gain a ton of fat on my stomach (where it goes naturally for me) and then it will never move to my legs. I will be able to exercise after the recovery, but I will no longer be gaining weight, so I would have to somehow get my body to transfer the weight from my abs to my legs. Is this possible?

Should I just gain all the weight necessary now while gaining weight and risk rupturing the tendon and then have the surgery while I am just maintaining? Which way will help me achive larger legs? Please help!! Any advice from experience would be sooooo much appreciated!!

You are a little late.
You also may want to reconsider that migrating fat thing too. “Weight” doesn’t just move around.

Try some leg isolation exercises… deadman quad raises and glute ham raises will at least help you keep strength in your upper legs whilst your ankle is healing.

I had to have my leg immobilized for 8 weeks after breaking it during football. I lost almost all of my muscle and strength. It is nearly impossible to keep size or strength while not moving for that long. If you need the surgery I would suggest getting it as soon as possible and then trying to build leg mass once you’ve healed.

Also just because you can’t work your legs doesn’t mean the rest of you has to go to hell. Keep your diet strict and work your upper body/core. Also depending on where you have surgery you might still be able to do some leg exercises. Make sure you get a good physical therapist, and let him know your goals.