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Need Advice: Home Brew shop's Malto/dex

Hey guys,

I need some shopping tips.

As many of you know, and as Marc McDougal has recently reminded me of, is that you could buy maltodextrin from home brew shops at a considerably lower cost than buying it from a sport nutrition manufacturer.

Since I’ve never bought any from such a retailer, what exactly do I ask for? “Maltodextrin”? Are they going to recognize this name, or would it be listed under another? I’d hate for them to misinterpret what I’m asking for and come home with 100$ worth of something else.


Yes. Ask for maltodextrin. If you’re doing a 1:1 mixture of maltodextrin and dextrose post-workout, then pick up some corn sugar as well.

No worries about spending to much. A one pound bag of Malto at my Home brew costs about $3.50

Like the other guy said, ask for maltodextrin they will know it by name. I get 1 pound bags for $1.99 but like most things the more you buy the cheaper it gets.

Ask if the store can order 25 pound tubs, or a larger shipment as they probably won’t have any on hand. The store near me does this and it brings the price down considerably.

Thanks Chris, I appreciate your reply.