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Need Advice... Had Diskectomy

New to T-Nation, had diskectomy on 11-24 on C7 and T1 disc. My Dr. is very conservative on returning to training. My questions are several, has anyone had similar surgery, how long were you down, when did you return to train and when you did how did you start back??? Dr. could not answer because each one to heal is different. Been training hard for 3 years, just want an idea how long I’ll be going crazy!!!

I’m fairly sure that nobody on this site is qualified to answer you. Hell, even if I was qualified, I probably wouldn’t volunteer an answer.

Congrats on the successful surgery, and a speedy recovery to you. Hang in there.

I had C5-7 diskectomy/fusion in 2001.

I took the first 3-4 months VERY conservatively.

I was near 100% former strength levels 12 months out.

Thanks for the info. Was just wondering what I could expect over the next months.

I was in a hard cervical collar for a month. Total couch potato. No driving either.

Then 3 months of no lifting anything more than 10lbs/bag of groceries. No running or anything that could jar my head/neck around.

After the initial 4 months, the doc set me free. He didn’t even recommend or prescribe a rehab plan… He said something like “You’re fine, do whatever you feel you can…”

Just out of curiosity, how’d you hurt yourself?


I was reading this as dicksectomy for so long.

had noticed since around july my left arm had gotten weaker but didn’t know why. thenin sept was on bench doing 225 overcompensated on my left and felt like someone hit me in the back with a hammer, thought it was a pulled muscle untill it wouldn’t heal, had mri in sept found out what it was and tried decompression till last week (that did help a little)

I had a similar experience with the pain and weakness, but my injury was obvious.

I was playing flag football on astroturf and got knocked down hard. I landed square on my ass and jolted the hell out of my whole spine.

I had the “hit by a hammer” feeling right between my traps. Then significant weakess started setting in on the right arm. the front half of the tricep horseshoe became almost non-existent.

This happened in California in Oct. The docs put me on traction, massage and PT etc because the MRI was inconclusive. The PTs kept telling me that the arm had atrophied. I knew that wasn’t right.

I moved to OK in Mar and sought a second opinion. New MRI showed some disk damage and stenosis.

Surgery in Jun. C5-7 disks removed and replaced with cadaver bone. Then the vertebrae were fused with a titanium plate and 6 screws. Wait 4 months, then rehab.

After the surgery, the doc told me there was a lot more damage, scarring and bone spurs than they had anticipated.

Basically, the bulging disks were cutting off the electricity to my right tricep. It’s still shaped a little funny and a bit smaller than the left…

My surgery wasn’t as evasive as yours, they opened me in the front right side of my neck, retracted all the stuff in my neck. Cut a small hole in the front of the disk, went around the back side and cleaned all the debris that was touching the nerve(which was a lot). He said that C5-6 had a slight herniation but not enough to fix and should repair itself. I think I’m going to journal what happens through the entire process till I’m 100% in case any lifter has a similar problem they will know what to expect.

[quote]Tumbles wrote:

I was reading this as dicksectomy for so long.[/quote]