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Need advice from techies re Kaaza

I recently downloaded Kaaza onto my PC but things have been screwed up ever since. First off, every time I try to shut down or restart my computer I get that blue-screen-of-death, fatal disk error BS. Not sure exactly what it says, but I have to end up turning off the computer manually, then wait for it to run its tests whenever I turn it back on since it wasn’t shut down properly. It’s starting to drive me crazy.

Another problem is that I rarely get the download speeds I should be getting. I have DSL at 640k and it feels like I am on dial up sometimes. Other times it’s pretty fast. It just seems like there’s something chocking down my computer during the slow times.

Anyway I know nothing about computers, so if I sound like one of those morons describing to their mechanic the noises their car is making, my apologies. Does anyone have any idea what this problem might be? Anyone had similar issues with Kaaza? Is there a better p2p out there? This T-brutha needs help!


I am not a techi by any stretch of the imagination but the explanation for the slow downloads is sometimes due to the connection of the other person you are downloading from. If they have a slow connection it makes the download slow. I am not sure why but this is how it was explained to me.

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Kazaa installs all kinds of spyware on your system. If you can find all of it, uninstall he spyware AND Kazaa. Then go get winMX. No spyware (at least when I had it about 9 months ago). www.winmx.com

Well done… consider yourself a TECHI :). No I am not flaming on u :slight_smile:

When you are dl something, right click on it while on the traffic page and then click Find more sources for download. this will speed it up considerably.

Spyware is the culprit. To make it easy to understand it puts what we’ll call “UFO’s” into your computer. Everytime you get online the UFO’s monitor your activities and send the info back to the “Mothership”. They use this to see what kind of stuff your interested in and that determines which pop up ads you get. Go to yahoo and type in Ad aware, download it and run it on your comp. This will erase all the spyware off your system and its free. After having my comp for 2 years i had over 70 spyware programs on it which as you can imagine really slows down your system. Good Luck.-BFA

I had a similar problem. Go to www.lavasoftusa.com and download AdAware. This program will identify and allow you to delete the spyware programs that have piggy-backed on Kaaza.

If your woried about Spyware down load AdAware. Its a free tool that will search and destroy Spyware. Sounds to me you may also have a virus. Run you anti-virus software after you make sure it’s got the most recent definitions.

I can;t be a techie…

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Thanks for all of the tips, guys! Sounds like I definitely need to check out Ad Aware. I’ll download that tonight.

And to BabyFaced Assasin, thanks for talking to me like a four year old (seriously!)… that’s just what I needed. :wink:


go to http://doa2.host.sk/index.htm and download Kazaa Lite under downloads. It’s the latest and the Lite version doesn’t have any spyware.


If you like the Kazaa setup but not all the extra shit do a search and download Kazaa Light. Its what i use, no ads, spyware or DL caps. Give that a try. And yeah make sure you do the whole “Find more sources for download”

The only thing I can add is the speed of your downloads. I have DSL too, but it’s wasted on Kazaa as most of the bird-brains on Kazaa still have fucking dial up. In fact sometimes I’d swear some of those bananas have 28k modems.