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Need Advice for Tonight


Hey guys need some help. Been recovering since January till June. Started slowly training again in the gym in June. Was on 250mg test e per week which is my recovery dose. Started a cycle which lasted 42days and stopped it by end of July. Consisted of test e and tren a 875/265-310 mg. Cruised on vaca. Came back September 1st. Started that same night my blast. 175mg test e eod and 100mg tren a eod which is 612/350.

3weeks ago i pitched in npp for joint pain and to add a little more fullness. Started getting acne on my neck and skull. And now tiny white heads on my chest. Side effects are easily bearable. But I'd rather run 1 19nor because this is a bit reckless. However my shoulders have recovered very quickly on npp at 420mg per week.

What do you think:
Drop npp or tren.
And up my test dose by 100mg eod with test prop. If any acne from test arises i drop the prop. Fast acting. I have till January. Than i start my cut. Diet on point and training as well. 210-215 around 18% bf. 6'1. Started seriously training September 1st.


Bump really need advice


You just came off test and tren, so this time drop the tren and use npp. Not dismissing the effects of tren but rotating compounds is always a good idea.


Yea true. For some reason i am always fine on tren. Even at a gram. Threw in npp, and i started getting small acne. Really not that bad, but I’ve been dealing with scars and getting treatments for them because i have terrible scars all over my chest/shoulders/traps/back. I just wanna stay clean on cycle. I don’t mind the oily forehead. I tried dropping the tren. Because tren has been in for 9weeks now. I want to experience npp. If it’s a weak compound and causes more acne than tren, than next cycle i will stick to high test with moderate tren. Hopefully my gains will still be optimal.

I switched from teste/tren/npp 612.5/350/420 to teste/testp/npp 612.5/350/420. I really wanna add on more size. And i hope this change will be more optimal for me.
Also i hope i didn’t set off my hormones off the chart for dropping tren and upping test. Cause i know that causes acne till bloods stabilizes.