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Need Advice for Supps


I have a $50 gift card to GNC and need to pick up some Glutamine and some type of Casein protein..

I am not too familiar with GNC and dont know really what some good product names for Glutamine and any type of Casein Protein that is sufficient.

Also does anyone recommend me anything from there in addition that works good for muscle building?


The GNC namebrand stuff is not bad. Given this is where you have to go, and given the prices they charge for some other brands this would be a safe bet. I don't know about a cas. protein blend of theirs, but mix it with milk and eat some cottage cheese before bed and you break even.

Get ready for the Glut. hounds to pounce, but I like the stuff. I swear by its ability to keep me from getting sick when I'm really stressed from life/work/workouts.

Hey, you only have $50 there so after Glut. and protein there won't be much left for that super muscle building supp. they sell. How about you just throw some hard work in there--it's free.


i do work hard... i was asking if there was anything in particular i should get that is good... sorry for my igonorance to GNC..
I take Gluatmine bc it helps since im a long distance runner.

thanks for all your helpful information


Hard work and lots of food.