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Need Advice for Second Cycle


Ok, first post here. Looking to start my second cycle. Here are my stats-

24 years old. 6'1'' 220 pounds

First cycle was last summer, test Prop @ 350mg per week for 10 weeks. I started at 202 pounds and after pct I was 222. Everyone told me to start with 500 but my gains were awesome at 100mg EOD. Here are before and after pics:



I have been training for 8 years. I am doing my first powerlifting meet this November and I want to put on some size. I am currently 220 pounds and I want to gain 15-20 fairly solid pounds in the next 8 months.

I have 30 amps of hg Test E 250.

I want to know what you guys think is the best way to run that much test. I don't want to go crazy on the dose because I responded so well to 350 a week. I have my training and diet down. Also my last PCT was just clomid and it worked pretty good but I see so many protocols out there.

I would just like some input on cycle length and dosage or maybe even a taper at the end.


350 of prop is not bad.. For the human grade, with 30 amps, I would go either 500 for 12 weeks, with a frontload, or you could go 750 for 10 weeks.

I would just say do a regular PCT, but if you want to do a taper, then follow the protocol in that thread.


Also, adding a SERM to the taper is a good idea


Does the taper help to hold on to gains? I know some guys say it's a waste of time but it makes sense to me to lower the dose progressively as apposed to just stopping all together. I here sooo many opinions regarding pct protocols. I am not sure what to think because a lot of guys out there giving advice have not attained an appreciable amount of mass in the first place.


I haven't used the taper, but everything I read said there was a crash without serm use.

I would say just keep it simple, do a normal PCT.