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Need Advice for My Workout Plan


I’ve been in the gym for 2 months doing strength training 3 days a week but that was 5 months ago. Then I quit for a while then joined again 1 month ago with the same workout, I lost 112 pounds in the last two years but without going to the gym so my body is not in a good shape so now I want to get any size on my body to improve it looks and make my extra skin look like filled a bit and gain some size under them, So I want to workout 5 days or 4 a week while cutting with 1700 calories to gain any hypertrophy but what kind of split should i do and for how many reps and sets? I know that a beginner shouldn’t work out with splits but I want to overcome my insecurity and look good in clothes and then I will definitely do strength training.
My states are my age is 22, weight is 91kg, height 5.8, activity level is sedentary and I got free time.

I’m open to the opinions and advice’s, thanks in advance.

Cutting/Caloric Deficit is not an environment conducive to hypertrophy. Losing fat while gaining muscle is possible in certain situation including noob gains, returning to lifting after a long lay off, drug use and starting out quite fat. Some of this may be you but even if you could do both it’d probably be slow and inefficient.

Pick one of Cutting/Bulking and stick to it for a while. Doesn’t really matter which you do first because you’ll end up alternating until you reach your goals anyways.

Higher frequency training is recommended to beginners for several reasons:

You’re lifting light weights so generate little fatigue, thus recover quickly from it and are ready to lift again quite soon. If you can progress faster why not?

Lifting requires some skill and technique especially in you it bread and butter big compound movements. Praticing 3 times a week vs 1 time allows you to learn motor patterns faster and a lot of your early gains are just that: getting more skilled at lifting. Long term you set yourself up for safe efficient progression if you have solid technique.

Probably a good idea to get on one of the multitude of beginner programs around.

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Impressive weight loss.

Do this to get in the swing of things( if want to be in gym more can do 45 mins HIIT cardio on off days)…

then do targeted plan like this…

Eat maintenance calories or very small deficit so you can really crush your workouts. As above 1700cals far too low

@RampantBadger @khangles Thanks for the replies I’m convinced that i need to do strength training but somewhat disappointed because I will look the same after lifting, I’ve been doing this program you mentioned for one month, what do you think about Stronglifts 5x5 with accessories?

A month is really not a long time in terms of lifting and building muscle. In a game of years a month is barely anything.


mediocre template, pretty much anything on this site is better for long term results, especially the ones I posted above. Also meant to be done on a significant calorie surplus