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Need Advice for My First Cycle?


i work my ass off in the gym 6 days a week along with pt every weekday(military), using proper supplements and eating good i have gained about 30 pounds since november last year, however about 5-10 lbs of it is most likely fat.

i am always tired, my motivation and outlook on life is getting shittier( that may just be me being a pessimistic asshole), i have zero sex drive i have to force myself to jerk off! and i had a fitness test a few weeks ago and got my ass kicked by guys who do nothing but drink and eat mcdonalds all the fucking time. ive decided after seeing a few other guys i know making outrageous gains on a cycle that im fuckin done working hard and coming in last. so anyways what im asking is...

do my reasons for starting a cycle good or atleast understandable? im still doing it regardless just want to know what u all think.

for those of you who have ordered from websites overseas like uk and east europe,how often does your gear get thru customs? btw im in hi. anyone order to here before?

second im thinking of doing a simple 4 week cycle of 400mg a week of test with 30 mg of dbol and some clomid or nolva everyday just as a beginner cycle.

and last anyone got advice for pct or what they have found works best?


Get your hormones and thyroid tested first.


I'm with pcdude, get your thyroid tested.

Symptoms of hypothyroidism include fatigue, weight gain, depression, etc.