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Need Advice for Diet

I’m just finishing what turned out to be a 7 week cycle of steroids. I’ve gained about 25-27 lbs. I’ve been using clomid so I don’t think there is much water gain. Here’s the deal. I’m 20 years old 6’1 and currently weigh about 236 lbs. at 12% bodyfat. I think I’m quite past my genetic limit. My goal obviously now is to keep the muscle I added and shed the bodyfat. I know I’ll some when I diet and I can deal with that. My ultimate goal is to be around 225 lbs. at 8% bodyfat. I need help with my diet. I’m thinking about doing the Massive Eating diet as soon as I’m come off the juice and restricting my calories some (250 daily avg.) to drop weight. I think I’ll doing cardio after lifting sessions. For weights I’m doing Staley’s Convergent Phase Training, which is low reps, high volume. Basically I’m looking for some advice on diet after coming off a cycle in order to hold the lbm gained and shed some bodyfat. In the past I’ve tried a low carb diet and it didn’t work out too well. If more information is needed let me know. I’d like to hear about your experiences and any advice you have for me. I should also mention that I’ll be taking MD6 along with T2. Probably do 3-4 MD6 daily and 2 T2 daily and work it up to 3. Thanks.

I advise you to try to keep your bodyweight up and hold your gains for a couple of months before you begin your diet. A 40-40-20 or massive eating style maintenance diet will probably work well for you. If you start dieting right off the bat I’d be afraid a lot of that muscle would go along with the fat. Once you do begin dieting, your plan looks good.

Kelly, do you think that while I eat at maintenance level for like two months post-cycle I should use some MD6 and T2 to target my adipose tissue. Maybe I should set my goal to be 225lbs. 10% until I start dieting. So basically my new plan is this after my cycle: 4 weeks of MD6 and T2 with cardio 3x/week at maintenance eating, then 4 weeks no MD6 or T2 with cardio 4x/week at maintenance eating, then 6 weeks of MD6 and T2 with cardio 5x/week with restricted calories. During those six weeks I’ll be using finaiplix and androsol so it’ll be easy to hold my lbm while dieting. Does anyone have any comments about my plan??

If it were me, my first concern would be getting my endocrine system back to normal. Maybe take some tribex or whatever but nothing that inhibits T production. It shouldn’t take you that long to accomplish this…maybe 1 month. This will also allow your body time to adapt to the newly added 27 lbs of lbm you have acquired. You can probably take MD6 and T2 during this time…they will help with your energy level and training intensity and enable you to eat more calories…Just make sure you cycle off of them for a while before starting them again to really start losing the fat.

I personally would lay off the Finasol, but a morning application of Androsol may carry you through until your own system is back to normal.

Scott, as Kelly said, it’s imperative you don’t jump right into a tight diet situation post-cycle. You must allow your system to adjust, and remember, you have to eat to support your new bodyweight, it won’t magically remain at that level unless you give it the support it needs. Don’t go back to eating like you did post cycle, or it’ll fall right off ya (believe me). It took me a long time to get the hang of eating to support higher bodyweights.
Should I assume you did not do cardio during your cycle? If that’s the case, don’t jump too hard onto the cardio thing immediately post cycle, ok? Again, you already have a lot for your system to do to stabilize and re-orient itself, don’t make it more difficult. The diet takes time, just like the cycles do. Sounds like your head is screwed on straight, though.

Thanks for the help Kelly and john. If you read my posts correctly Big Dave you’ll notice that I’m going to start my fina and androsol (not finasol) cycle for 8 weeks, in which my system will be fully recovered since I’m using clomid at 50mg ED for four weeks post. I’ll take your advice John and continue to eat my 5000 calories daily to hold on to my lbm. I’ll wait 8 weeks until I start my six week diet and hopefully by then I will have achieved my goal of 225 lbs. and 8% bodyfat. Thanks for the advice people.