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Need Advice for Deca Cycle

Hi guys just looking for advise on a cycle I was thinking of starting
25 years old
6ft 4
Have done one cycle previous which was sus 250 for 10 weeks with dbol for the first 4 weeks and then took hcg in the last 2 weeks of the cycle and then used a all in 1 pct tablet for 5 weeks after with consisted of the usual dosages of nolva and clomid, the cycle worked well for me, put on just under 18kg but have lost some due to COVID 19 shutting gyms!

I was looking to hit another cycle and wanted to try some stronger steroids looking mainly at Deca, anadrol and test cyp
Was planning
Week 1 to 4
250mg deca
300mg test cyp
50mg a day anadrol

Week 4-12
350mg deca
300-400 test cyp

Looking to run
0.5mg anastrozole twice a week on jab days
0.5mg caber a week, possibly bump it up if prolactin starts happening
And then would take 1000iu of hcg every 3 weeks just to keep things alive down there

Really I need some advise on the anti estrogen side of things and prolactin,
Do I need to run an AI if I am already taking caber?
Is this a good dose of caber? Or is it to low
Is 12 weeks to long or short to be on deca?

I am a hard gainer so want to be using deca and anadrol but at the same time want to be sensible with the dosages.

Any advice would be appreciated

If you know what to look after side effect wise i would personally no use a ai on these dosage.

I think your cycle is good and smart, not overdosing.

Caber dont control E2 so caber will not help on estrogen related side effect.

If i was you i would rather take 0.25 mg anastrozole eod.

And only use caber if needed.

And i see you point out hcg 1000 ui every 3 weeks?

I would do 250ui e3d or wait to end cycle.

Putting hcg in at higher doses here and there will do more damage then goods

Hi thanks for the reply,
Yeah I’ve heard caber can be quite damaging if you use it when it’s not needed,
Is there any early sides of prolactin? Before the leaking nipples and damage to sex drive because I’m guessing if that happens I’m abit to late?
Also do you think 12 weeks is a good amount of time to be on the deca? Some people have said to me run it for at least 15 weeks and others have said even 12 weeks is to long?
Is this just something that varies from person to person?
Thank you for your help

I would advise against DECA just because of other threads here were it KILLS sex drive and causes ED.Having more test than DECA in the blend is wise but still can still cause issues. Everyone is different.

In general i agree, deca is not a good choice for everybody.

I got a bad lipido kill when i tried deca and i had to use caber early.
My dose was abit higher then yours.

I will not say there is any specific early signs of high prolactin as its different from anybody.

But if i have learned one thing! if i go from having a dick like a rock. And just want to bang everything with a pair of tits and ass.

Too almost have to bust a nut just to get a little sign og life down there Lol. Then i know something is out of balance with either E2 og prolactin

Edit: Oh and about cycle length i would say 10 week deca and 14 weeks test so the test end 4 weeks later the deca
You could do 12 week deca and 16 week test but that would be a long cycle and against most people’s preferences

I’m going to give it a try, worst comes to worst I’ll drop the deca and carry on with the test!
Thank you for your advise bro it’s been very helpful!

Good idea.
As long as you have caber and anazole on hand.
im sure you are good to go.

Who knows.
Deca might be you new favorite or maybe just that bad cycle that wasent what you hoped.

Its worth a try aslong as you just know what can happend as the use of AAS lol.

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My best advice for a deca cycle:

0mg nandrolone
500mg test
Xmg of whatever oral
16 weeks of the hardest training and best dieting you can handle.

The more we learn about nandrolone the less appealing it is. The more guys use it the more they report how much it fucks with their heads. Yes, it’s a great mass builder. But so is a little more testosterone and a perfect diet. And testosterone—ever higher doses—don’t pose the risk of mental issues and a broken dick the way nandrolone does.


I agree with this. If you are making a living off of being strong or having a freak physique, then it’s different IMO.

To op, if it is me, I’m not running nandralone, but if I did, I would be prepared to ditch it from the cycle if sexual sides pop up.

In my experience, I have had little to no issue with nandrolone. I ran NPP specifically so I could ditch it if I needed to bail quickly if I had bad side effects. So far the only real issue I have had is a little bit of mood swings. It’s not terrible or unmanageable, but I think I’m pretty self aware and I can feel myself and my mood starting to dive.

You won’t know how you react until you try. This is not me saying “yea bro, go do it…YOLO”, I am simply saying you can get everyone’s opinion on it but no one can tell you if it works for you or doesn’t work for you.


Please leave the nandrolone alone. Something you may want to explore:

@iron_yuppie is giving you some good advice regarding potential use of this compound.

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