Need Advice for Dad

My dad wants to get back into shape, and I want to help him. I was wondering what you guys would reccomend in regards to progs he should do. The gym in our town isn’t all that great, so we can’t do all of the exercises in a lot of the progs.

Well, like I told my ‘way out of shape’ sister (very nice lady but way out of shape), follow the fundamentals for a year, and you make an amazing transformation. Here’s just a real basic couple of pointers:
-start slow and easy
-make working out habitual-5 days a week
-do the basics-squat (if he can), bench, row/pull-down (pullups we know are the best but doubtful he can do one),calf-raise, press and sit-ups.
-start walking a mile every other day. Progress in 1 month to jogging.
-cut out refined foods.
-make everything incrementally progressive
-have a remote goal - 1 year out and make tiny gains each week.