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Need Advice for Beginner

I’m not an athlete/wrestler or i never done any kind of workouts yet. Till last few years i feel fit enough but now i feel too fatty and fleshing. so i just need to start doing some to brought back my goal weight back. im a male 28, 168cm and 80kg. My goal weight is around 70kg. im a vegi.

By going through the forum, lots of things are discussed. Those are legendary things i don’t even heard about them. So pls guys consider me and suggest some ideas. All the best to every one.

We’ll be happy to help, brother, but need a bit more information from you first.

What, specifically, do you need to know?


Do you have access to a gym and do you basically eat whatever you like?

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Thanks for reply bro Yogi1 & tsantos. I need a typical beginner guide means, basic workout idea or running idea & A basic veggie diet plan.

im not access to the gym and i never eat whatever things. Always have a concern in my food. And i decided to brought some basic weights at this level (i don’t know the names of weight equipment’s, after hearing some suggestions from here only i will buy weight)

Thanks again.