Need Advice for 19/20 YO Athlete

What would you guys recommend for a guy 19 going on 20 that’s 6’5-225 and playing college baseball? Would like to get a lot stronger and perhaps a little bigger. I have thought about using MK677 or maybe just a Var only cycle. Doesn’t want to start pinning either. Been lifting pretty hard for about 4/5 years and has been 3 sport athlete in the past. Thanks in advance. Already taking Creatine.

No anabolic compounds that’s for sure. How about a strength coach and proper nutrition plan?


Well if he don’t take the anabolic compounds like his competitors are doing then he will not be on the field as much unless he is pitching. I am a strength/nutrition guy and naturally there’s only so much you can do. Thank you for your response though.

Thats BS. They are not ALL using steroids. Even if they were and you wanted to go this route using SARMS is stupid. Orals are the worst form of steroids for you and provide the least permanent results. I don’t respect you trying to provide AAS to a kid, but pinning Test and mild compounds is the best way to go.

I like this. I’m 74, going on 75.

Now that is interesting.

  • Is he on scholarship?
  • Can he pitch?
  • How many pitches does his college baseball league permit per week?
  • Seems like the pitch limit would keep him off the field more so than any other position.
  • When batting what is his batting average?
  • Do you think he has good bat speed?
  • What positions is he proficient playing in the field?

Sleep. Damn good sleep. If you get consistent, long, sleep, you’ll be getting better natural anabolics than most of your opponents, since this is college after all

I would not go after any anabolics.

You’re playing college baseball and that’s always 1 modest injury from coming to a quick end.

Don’t risk your longevity for early life success. For every Arnold Schwarzenegger or Jose Canseco there seems to be dozens of dead, but muscular, bodies around age 30-45.

I’d recommend that guy do Dan John’s “Mass Made Simple” and eat a lot of PBJs.

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I would recommend “ Science and Development of Muscle Hypertrophy-2nd Edition”.

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This new edition offers more than 1,000 references and applied guidelines. Two all-new chapters deliver practical content on the measurement of muscle hypertrophy and advanced training practices. Readers will learn various methods by which hypertrophy is measured, including site-specific measures (circumference measures, MRI, CT, and ultrasound), indirect measures (underwater weighing, DXA, BIA, ADP, and skinfolds), and histological measures (biopsy), as well as the strengths and limitations of each modality. The new edition also provides guidance for achieving greater training volumes with training practices that maximize the individual’s genetic potential to gain muscle.

No other resource offers a comparable amount of content solely focused on the science of muscle hypertrophy and its application to designing training programs. The full-color book offers several features to make the content accessible to readers:

  • Research Findings sidebars highlight the aspects of muscle hypertrophy currently being examined to encourage readers to re-evaluate their knowledge and ensure their training practices are up to date.
  • Practical Applications sidebars outline how to apply the research conclusions for maximal hypertrophic development.
  • Comprehensive subject and author indexes optimize the book’s use as a reference tool.

Although muscle hypertrophy can be attained through a range of training programs, this book allows readers to understand and apply the specific responses and mechanisms that promote optimal muscle hypertrophy. It explores how genetic background, age, sex, and other factors have been shown to mediate the hypertrophic response to exercise, affecting both the rate and the total gain in lean muscle mass. Sample programs show how to design a three- or four-day-per-week undulating periodized program and a modified linear periodized program for maximizing muscular development.

Science and Development of Muscle Hypertrophy is an invaluable resource for those seeking to maximize hypertrophic gains for themselves or their athletes or clients and for those searching for the most comprehensive and authoritative research in the field.

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Thank you guys for the reply’s.

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It’s baseball. You stand or sit for 90% of the game. Besides hitting power, what would they be taking? What for?

To simply throw harder. More power, recooperation between games.