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Need Advice - First Test and Tren Cycle for 11-12 Weeks


I’m currently in 76-77kg/167lbs
Height :5.10 feet
Fat percentage: 14-15% /abs visiblle
Age 22-23
current waist:31-32
planning to bulk and put on some lean muscle but i havent measured my muscles yet

I been to the gym around the age of 15 for other sports but i get serious to build is around the age of 18 and i train naturally for 3 years and took alot of gainers and become fat reached 90kg then i cut down became 80kg then i went in on wistrol for the first time on AAS. Moreover, i did two cycle in the pass which is winstrol 50 mg for 8 weeks which is my 1st cycle( i was newbie on drugs)
then i did sustanon 250 mg cycle one week of total of 8 weeks which is my second cycle. I did not take any sarms or any other anti-estrogens. My diet was super clean for the past two cycles which i never included any vegetable oils, sugar(glucose or whatsoever) and i ended up cutting instead of bulking for the sustanon cycle but both the cycle i didnt even cheat more than 2 meals and i was strict though.

Its been 7 months i off the gear from now and i decided to take test and tren and i thought i would add another stacks too like gh or other compunds.
My plan is to bulk in good way which i want to add some good proportion and symmetry so guys i need your suggestions about the compounds im gonna take. Take a look at my plans for this 11-12 weeks cycle:


  • ANTI-estrogens and others WHILE ON CYCLE

Clomid 20,20,40,40 2-3weeks

My calories aim is 4500-5000 inorder for me to bulk and i decided to eat clean too for 11-12 weeks
and im also adding mass gainers(for caloric boost) and bcaa together with pre

i’m summer place right now which is 30 or 35 degrees


based on my experience in AAS.

REPLY ASAP :slight_smile:


Truthfully, either you have bad genetics or your training and diet is not good for training since 18 you look like someone that just started lifting for 1 year… if you do this cycle… you will not change much trust me and tren does not work well on bulk cycles. Also 4500-5000 calories no matter how lean or clean is too much for your body its a waste, just because you are on bulk cycle doesn’t mean you eat 50x more than you normally eat. These compounds are not miracle workers you wont just transform over 11 weeks into superman.
I suggest you first fix your diet and training before even thinking about Tren.

Test is enough by itself for a bulk or cut. Pinning EOD Tren A is not good especially for a beginner, you have to pin it ED to keep blood stable, 11 week is too long for Tren-a, 8 weeks is usually enough 8-11 week difference is not going to yield any higher returns. Running first time tren-a with high dose test without knowing what sides you will have is a bad idea as well. Your Anti-Estrogens are too low… 5 MG daily is not going to help you, wheres Letro?.. pct is 3 weeks long? why Clomid?

In all seriousness, you need a proper PCT, Letro, and more Anti-Estrogens, this is not a cheap cycle and Tren is going to mess you up if you run it wrong. Additionally i will re-state that your current physique is sub par and this cycle will not help you much, you will bloat up a bit and get sub par strength from the Tren… but will revert quick and with your current training/cycle you will prob look the same.


My workout routines will be specially designed for the cycle but it would be advance and hardcore and also based on my weaknesses

special diet program just for this cycle based on the macros but i estimated my calories will most like around 3800 for caloric surplus. High protein, medium ranged carbs and of course meidum ranged good fats. the calories will be strict as i provide this.
suggestions and advice n my workout and diet is muchly adviceble. thanks


Hey Cryptonite, thanks for reading it through checking my post and gave me such a good advice. I’m very much obliged for the advice u gave me.

After winny duration of 8 weeks

After sustanon 250 mg duration 8 weeks(not much gained :frowning:

i got some detail i have to tell you about, the pictures was taken recently and didnt train properly due to lack of proper nutrition which the meal is not even cared and also was busy with assignments and exams.

The calories i havent counted yet but i do have plans and all the calories are macros based which is 3500 calories which im gonna include proteins, carbs and also the fats. all my meals will be in high protein, high carbs and of course medium ranged fats which will be the good ones.
For the workouts9probably im gonna change for on-cycle), im planning to do something like this(all the workouts list not uploaded here which would be a new approach :


Yea just keep it simple . Raise ur calories up bout 500 and see what happens. Gradually keep upping them. Dont bye into that stupid hi cal shit. That aint enough gear to eat like that… if it was me id just keep it 250 test for the 12 wks and use deca bout 300… for ur size thats plenty to bulk with. Maybe dbol in first 4 wks… keep it simple.


Hmm thanks for ur recommendation and can I know why not tren cycle would not be best for me and deca might put a lot of waters right. Kinda wondering why you recommending deca?


Tren and anadrol are considered advanced drugs , ive ran a tren, testsuspension, anadrol cycles even done cheque drops. This it what i used to do a bulking, strength cycle in fall winter when you can wear heavier clothes, plus id rather be 25 pound heavier in winter as opposed to , iowas 90 degree 90% humidity summers.
How about 500mg test, 300 deca weekly, twelve weeks and around 30mg dbol first six weeks. Do some squats and deadlifts especially your legs need it and your traps are shallow. Make strength goals. Eat a little more add 700 calories a day a pound a week, always have a meal replacement shake in fridge if you wake up in middle of night and are hungry. Do your pct off for 6 weeks, then do cut cycle . Test prop , tren a , eq 100mg of each eod to start , and run 30mg winny daily. Your workout is designed for advanced lifter, might work for cut cycle but for bulking i would do every body part hard once a week , basically train powerbodybuilder style accept abs and calves 6 days a week fine . I dont know much about al probably need some during cycle. Remember drugs are used to help recoup, diet training are your base.


hey thanks for your concern and i have something to be noted down from your comment.

based on the compound u mentioned i might put on water mass and i’m also feared that i might bloat because of deca(how bout NPP FOR EXHANGE). Any advices on that hmmm.
and i would u recommend me to throw in some cardio inside the routines since its bulking cycle with basic compounds.
Much obliged for ur info man! thanks


In my experience deca is gonna give u that fullness and yea more water retention but if u use ur ai and keep a clean diet ul be fine… fuck tren. For me the sides suck thats why i say nobto it.


agreed and i think cardio might help reduce the water retention while on cycle.Additionally, how do i use deca, whats the best way to use it effectively for deca and is it pin it EOD or twice a week and how long, is it starts from week 1 to 12?
much obliged for your concern brother!


What ester test u running?? If its a long one than i would hit it mon and thur. Mix the deca and test together… shit. Run em both 12 wks…like i said 250 test and 300 deca but if u have the funds and want lil more than id go 400 test and 400 deca. More sides happen higher than that in my experience. Trust me enough eatn big but clean is gonna put size on with those dosages. Diet is the biggest part.


Funds would not be a much problem if i put the funds in right and quality way haha.[quote=“mdr5, post:14, topic:223042”]
go 400 test and 400 deca. More sides happen higher

hmmm side effects might be high am i right but what if i throw in some AI and HCG alongside harcore 5-6 days a week working out and with clean diet should be find ???

By the way, does peptides or growth hormones can be add in for good results and can i know opinions in this too. Thanks anyways:smiley:


Everyones dif. Ai wrks great for me as far as retention and all that shit and yea thats my personal opinion on the 400 and 400 fuck it just do it and quit yn bout all the lil things. Its a learning process .


And i never used peptides and all that so i cant say anything…


Deca is the best for bulking, however paired with test it is going to bloat you the fuk up like a balloon, you will need good diet for this… and watch the calories. Also Deca (Nandrolone) is very rough to recover from since it lingers forever in your system it will also shut you down hard. Make sure you read up more on this if you decide to go this route. If you are sensitive to gyno, your pct will not be fun and expect alot of acnea.

To me test is the king, i would just run test at 500mg per week and raise it up at 10wk to 600-700mg see how your body feels, keep AI in check and you will make some good gains as well. People do not understand that good test-e by itself is the best.


Lol thats why im not a fan of deca because of the bloating effect and long lasting in the system and therefore, can i gain lean if my diet is good as in also clean and in good calories surplus hotspot alongside the macros.

Any other other compounds like masteron,npp or eq for a stack. HOW bout sustanon and test-e for exchange.

My goals are aesthetic physique btw haha
Thanks for reply !!!


I can’t run deca equipoise no more , trt test every 6 months. Stuff is in system to long dont want to lose trt. Before i was all ug didnt care. Ive heard npp but you got to pin eod, any alternatives. I used to pin 5ml eod , but now its a pain in ass as i dont want to pin in shoulders anymore.
Any advice cryptomite.


100mg anadrol daily will.give you moon face too, my training was strength based , so i took the water weight for strength increase.


Bro I want to replace deca with eq. What’s your opinion about it?


Eq at 900 for at least 16 weeks preferably 20 and watch your blood pressure.