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Need Advice Fast on Stustanon PCT


My first time here. Needing some advice for PCT on Sustanon. I would like to start now or postpone if needed. I have just about everything on hand to continue on if needed or start PCT. I would like to start PCT if possible.

I’ve been on Sust 250 x 2 injections per week = 500 per week. Currently week 12.

Supplies I have on hand 2 more vials of Sust.

10,000 IU’s of HCG
A shit ton of armidex, Clomid and Nolvadex

I have started Armidex 2mg per week for the last week.

Should I blast the HCG then do Nolva or take less over a period of time and continue my Sust cycle until my HCG brings everything back up slowly?

Given I have everything, what’s my best option here?

That is a lot of Adex my brother; where was your E?
Unless you’re having high E symptoms I think you’d be better off stopping the Sus, waiting 2 weeks, and then starting a standard PCt with Nolva @ 40/40/20/20 and then testing blood.

My thought was a quick blast of adex before injecting the HCG. Then go .25 twice a week. You don’t recommend the HCG at all?

I don’t think you’ll need the HCG but others seem to have some success with it.

I think you’re probably right. I think I’m guilty of reading too much shit. I’ve done about 5 cycles in the past. Usually 10 weeks and 3 times I didn’t do anything for PCT. That was 10 years ago. I never even heard of nolva and clomid back then. I’m not sure why I’m sweating this.

Everyone sounds so terrified of getting off cycle. Reading it has messed with my mind. Funny thing is that I looked better post cycle Everytime. The water weight was gone and I looked ripped. I’m not a professional athlete or anything so I don’t focus on how strong I am and how much I can throw up. I just look in the mirror.

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Save the HCG in case your PCT doesn’t work. Run the Nolva PCT and let your blood test results inform your next step. It sounds like you’ve bounced back each time without too much issue, hopefully this time works out just as well. At least you have all the tools you should need already at hand.

Thanks for the advice. Much appreciated!

I mean, if you don’t take any more sustanon you still have probably three weeks before starting pct anyway. So I wouldn’t be too worried at this particular moment. HCG is entirely individual. If you don’t have any testicular atrophy then you don’t strictly need it right now. I use it on trt, but for different reasons.

Why are you using it for TRT? I’m still wanting to have kids. Probably within 2 years.

It keeps some level of testicular function, which is important to me. It also keeps me from getting atrophy, which based on some accounts is an unpleasant experience. My doctor wants me to use it and he hasn’t steered me wrong yet.