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Need Advice/ Everything.


Hello T-Nation.

I am a newbie to this website. I've been spending a lot of time reading the articles and this place is just fantastic.

I need some general advice on nutrion and diet and as well as some added excercises.

Since the age of 22 I really let my self go. Over the span of 4 years I gained so much weight that I peaked at whoping 275.

After about 10-12 months I am down to 220 pounds. I know this is a bodybuilding forum unfortunatly I am not into body building for huge muscles.
Currently I am doing Muay Thai and been steadily sheding pounds. For the past couple weeks I have hit a wall. I just can't get over this 100 kilo mark. I need to revamp my diet.

Currently I am eating Small packadge of vegetables crackers for breakfast, and little bottle of Yoghurt. (I take medication that requires on full stomach) At lunch I have traditional Korean meal except for rice. So Fish/Egg /Tofu soup, a little bit of vegies and an apple or a pear. For dinner I am eating 100gram can of Tuna or Chicken breast, or some lean Beef. I drink approximatley 2-3 litters of water.

My work out usually starts around 7, It includes a 30 min fast paced walk. 1 Hour of Muay Thai (Which is difficult to explain atm) then to cool down I walk another 30 minutes up a giant hill.

My biggest obstacle to changing my diet is that I don't speak the local language very well. Its quite difficult in finding out the nutritional values of items. Plus the locals have no idea what the nutrional values are either. Finding basics like Whey and Oatmeal is a problem for me in this country.

Any suggestions about my diet would be great help, keep in mind I can't get certain western foods here.

I am currently doing Muay Thai 5 days a week and resting on the weekends. I also do additional upper and lower body excercises before I go to sleep. I am thinking of doing some additional gym training on the weekend.

I am looking to build up strenght and speed. Not sure if there are gym work outs I could do that increase both.

Any advise would be great.


I would definitely say you are not eating enough calories and that is why your weight loss has stagnated. I would encourage you to read and follow the advice from Berardi's articles.

As far as workouts go, you are doing a lot of work already. If you want to lift on the weekend, I would recomend doing a full body style workout on one day, and use the other day as a complete day of rest. You might also try picking one or two olympic lifts and do a very short workout once or twice a week in the evening.

Good luck.


Look around the site.Start with Vrooms beginners thread. That has all the info you need on getting your diet revamped. Honestly I eat more for breakfast than you do all day.


That's certainly what it sounds like. You want to try to eat at least 5 or 6 times a day. You could do a search for the T-Dawg 2 diet and see how much of that sort of food you can get where you are. The T-Dawg is quite adaptable, and as long as you keep your carbs in the range, and eat enough protein and good fats, it might just kickstart your weight loss again. Any kind of positive changeup in your diet would probably get your weightloss going again.

You're actually looking for advice. :wink:

\|/ 3Toes


Thats a full stomach?


Thanks guys. I will be reading the advised articles and threads I will try and boost my calory intake.

Thank you for the replies.


Since I moved to Korea my food intake and has plumited. Most Koreans out eat me, this includes women. If I would to eat a Bigmac I would feel full.


I know T-Nation is called a "bodybuilding think-tank? but reading the articles and the philosophy of most here seems to lean more towards a strength/performance think-tank. At least I tell myself that. Performance seems more important to most of us here than bodybuilding. But lets not kid ourselves. Building a better body is a nice result of our performance goals. We here at T-Nation are "hero's in training" not bodybuilders. Just thought I?d clear that up because you seemed to be concerned about whether this was the right place to ask your questions.

About the diet:
The easiest way for me to break through a plateau is to reduce the variation in my meals. Pick 2 or 3 meals tops that are your healthiest and eat nothing but that for a few weeks straight. If they're good you wont get board. Then you can return to more healthy variations. Good luck.


The articles on the site are geared towards performance alot of times because thats what the coaches on the site do. Train atheletes. Thats where the money is in coaching. To say that this site is more about performance than about "looking good nekkid" then I think your wrong about that. Thankfully with the right training you can get both.I personally train to get both BIG and strong. Look at Chad Waterbury's articles about High Frequency Training. They are the most talked about on the boards and they are geared towards the goal of gaining size as fast as possible. Berardi and Lowrey's nutritional articles are generally geared towards looking good nekkid as well as good health.

Sure there are guys that write articles mainly around how to increase your lifts and performance(Robertson, Cressey ect..)Those articles have their place as well and are good reads even for the most hypertrophy oriented individual but this is still BODYBUILDINGS THINK TANK .I consider myself a bodybuilder because even if I never get the umph to compete I train for the primary reason of building a strong muscular physique.

Besides,take the Bodybuilding aspect away from this site and I bet the supplement sales take a plunge!


Try eating more frequently, but in smaller portions.


happypillz is a child.... and on the day of the competition He comes to me for advices. And so it?s not that hard for me to give him the wrong advices

seriously, eat way more. read training behind bars part 1


sure we can all have our opinions about the sites philosophy but TC has written a few similar articles on this subject and I think he would agree that strength/performance are paramount to bodybuilding in this sites philosophy. I quoted TC when i said T-Nation members are "heroes in training." if that isn't performance then i'll eat my hat. maybe thats just my impression of T-Nation or how i want to justify my narcissistic bodybuilding obsession.


W00t I did what you guys said and I have started losing weight again. Unfortunatly I have no clue what I am eating half the time but I know its made out of fish. (Local Korean food) I uped my Calorie intake to around 1700 and my body started to lose weight again. I still plan to do gym but not for at least a month I am still having some problems with Muay Thai. Its hell of a lot harder then I thought it would be.