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Need Advice-Athlete 1st Cycle

I am 24 years old. I am a senior and in my last year of football. I have had serveral injuries and want to do everything I can to stay healthy my last year. As many know, college strength coaches can easily develop programs that overtrain their athletes because they think “more is always better”.

In my situation, since I have been training in that way for so long and have had a lot of injuries, my body nor my mind can take that punishment this year unless I have some help. I am tired of feeling like crap and training in way that never improves my performance. I work with a “Westside” trainer a lot like Joe De Franco whenever I get a chance but this Summer I have to be with my strength coach. Can you guys offer me some advice on what you would use? My main priority is recovery. My major is Kinisiology so I have used everything I have learned but nothing has worked as far as helping me recover and staying healthy without injury. I dont care about getting tested and want help for the “right” reasons. Something conservitive hopefully.

check out the newbie cycle planning sticky, then if there’s anything you need clarified ask away

Good article, thank you. It makes sense to me. I have 2 main concerns I was hoping you could tell me what you think and some ways that poeple can overcome these concerns. 1) Im nervous about the possiblity of messing up my own natural production of hormones(damanging receptors, etc.)

  1. Nervous about the source of the substances (how can I really know that it is really what I paid for?) I understand that poeple cycle to avoid #1 and im guessing that it is just a risk that you must accept for #2. What do you think? Appreciate your help with this.

I’ll try and address your concerns

  1. There’s no way of knowing if that’ll happen or not. It is a possibility, but unlikely. It’s a risk everyone takes when they cycle. It is unlikely it’ll happen, but it does happen to an unlucky few.

  2. This is another occupational hazard. I only use reputable labs that I know other people have used and had success with. Make some friends who cycle, find out what they used, and get that.

Sorry that probably didn’t help all that much. It is what it is unfortunately. Permanent shutdown is a definite risk you take, and the illegality of steroids means there’s no quality control so anyone can put anything in a vial and sell it.

I have to say though the chances of either of those things happening is very small.