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Need Advice: Apartment BS


There is a dogpark at my apartment complex. I brought my dogs in and the larger dog of mine was attacked by a pitbull. I managed to fend off the pit well enough to keep it from biting him.

I reported the pit attack and listed witnesses.

Now, I have a notice saying I'm not allowed to bring my dogs to the dogpark anymore with little to no explanation.


-I went on a few dates with the owner of the pit a year ago and she still maintains bad blood between us after we stopped dating (which was for a month). She is crazy and vindictive and would be more than willing to bad mouth me.

-A couple of the witnesses may or may not have been her friends and may or may not have told the whole truth

Planned course of action:

-Ask why my dogs are banned from the dogpark when other dogs are there.
-If I find out the pit bull is not banned, I will call animal control to insure everyone's safety at the dogpark

Topics I will bring up to the owner of the Apt. complex
-Is the pit bull banned from the dogpark?
-ask to see records of the pitbulls shots (in case he scratched my dog and I didn't notice)
-ask to hear/see the evidence they have to ban my dogs
-let the owner know that the woman who owns the pit has slandered me in the past and strongly dislikes me
-if nothing works out, then ask for an early end for my lease and move (I've been having a hellish time at the apartment complex anyway)
-leave bad feedback on various apartment rating websites when my lease is up

I feel like someone who has reported a mugging and is getting sent to jail for reporting the crime. I'm at a total loss. Do any of ya'll have any other suggestions.

Thank you fellow T-Men and T-Vixens.


pics of xgf


I deleted those when we 'separated' (not that we ever really were together anyway).


The pit can't attack your dogs if you kill it. Just sayin'.


You know what would solve your problems? Dog Murder.


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Fletch - sounds like you got your head screwed on right about this, so just keep going and dont blow up in there faces about it, than when they think youre just a pushover, take them to court or do a charles broson on them, or both


Sounds like one big huge pissing contest - he said, she said. If you're unhappy there, I'd use the incident as leverage to break the lease. Your strongest argument is if the dog park was a feature of the complex and that's a reason you moved in, and they are forbidding you to use it, they are constructively evicting you in a sense.

And, I'd probably remind them that pitbulls are not appropriate for dog parks. I love and own pitbulls and I'm saying that.


Take your dog(s) there anyway.

Fight them if they say anything to you.




1st, sounds like a move might be in order.

2nd, Go in with an open mind. Who knows what shit has been said about you. Maybe when your story gets out the whole thing will clear up.

3) Try to remove your emotions from it, if you can, when you meet the person. They won't help the situation anyway.

eh, my 2 cents


I think you have a well-thought out plan of attack. You should certainly be entitled to know the reasons your dogs got banned. Your dog got attacked by the pit, not vice versa, and you shouldn't get penalized for it.

Where was the owner when this happened?


There's no breed bans at that complex? A lot of apartment complexes I know of ban certain breeds, and (unfortunately) pitbulls are usually the first ones on that list. I'd definitely check to see if her dog is banned as well, and if not, then you can raise hell.

I hate when people can't control their own dogs at a dog park. If you can't control them, don't freakin bring 'em.


I spoke to the lady and she refused to hear my side of the story. Her receptionist spoke to three of the witnesses out the 5 and said that all 3 of them said my dog was the aggressor. She threatened to take my dog keeping 'privileges' away if I continued to discuss. She was yelling, I was calmly speaking.

I also spoke to two of the witnesses. The owner told them not to say anything about the situation to either me or the owner of the pitbull because the apt. owner was afraid of police involvement. I'm calling police and animal control for safety reasons. The lease is up in month and a half. She refused to show me vaccination records.


Rat poison, problem solved.


not surprised on how the appt. complex reacted.
unfortunatly when some kind of dispuit arises between a young, pretty, defenceless woman and a large muscular man...it is always much much easier for her to look the victem...especially when it boils down to her word vs. yours


Well, you might want to mention to the police and animal control that they refused to show the records when you asked for it.

Get that refusal in writing.

I dont know in the US, but there must be a form of delivery that makes sure that they sign it before they get it?

Either they sign it, or they dont, either way you have shown that you are a really concerned and responsible citizen.

Include your dogs vaccination record.

edited: document fucking everything. You could at least be such a pain in the ass that they pay ypour moving costs.


OP, you went about it the right way. Just a shitty situation. I had something similar at my last complex with my ex's dog and a neighbor, so I feel your pain. In our case the apt manager had it in for us because:

  1. We were an interracial couple
  2. We weren't married
  3. My ex was a tatted up biker/Goth chick

Definitely call the police and animal control. It's what we ended up doing after trying to handle it civilly with the owner of the other dog and the complex.



You are the consumer, don't give them your money.

And don't bother talking to them anymore. Put everything in writing and request they do the same.


Lol, she was just sitting down while the whole thing happened. Fucked up, I know.