Need Advice and If TRT May Fix Me

Body fat problems can be T related or thyroid related.

Check waking body temps again and see if you hit 98.6 mid-afternoon.

Some guys need higher T levels than others. If a guys was highly virilized on higher T levels in the past, mid-range levels can be inadequate. Some low T guys with non-existent body hair and light facial hair can have high sex drives.

Many of the symptoms of low T are the same as low thyroid function. You could have a touch of both.

Another thing that i am kinda afraid of is this SHBG number based off this calculator. I mean this is seriously kinda scary as well, and maybe apart of the problem as well.

96.3 morning
98.1 Afternoon

Seems skewed.

Your fT3 should support normal body temps, so now we suspect that rT3 might be blocking fT3.
In the thyroid basics sticky, look for these terms:
adrenal fatigue
wilson’s bood

Hopefully the thermometer is OK and been used correctly.
Can others in the home hit 98.6?

TSH=1.5 suggests either:

  • not getting enough iodized salt or iodine in vitamins etc
  • rT3 interfering with hypothalamus seeing the thyroid hormones

I dont believe that thermometer is broken, and i believe i took the readings at the right time. I didnt want to think i had adrenal fatigue, but i am heavily leaning on it, with some iodine deficiency for sure.

also afraid with a low sbhg that i may have fatty liver problem or NAFLD or close to it. Gotta re-evaluate a lot of things.

In terms of adrenal fatigue, thyroid problems are a stress, all the more when guys drive through that with sheer will power.

I’m going to see a doctor on Wednesday I found on Hopefully she will be more thoughtful into insight some more along with what I have learned this far.

Thank you ksman for your insights and advice. I have a long road to go clean up my mess thinking I was doing well and on track for reaching my health goals.

Take labs and perhaps some of this thread to the appointment as talking points.

Back again. Took some saliva tests. Lab suggests its Adrenal Fatigue…Sux…

I address adrenal fatigue in my suggested reading.

TSH, fT3, fT3 and rT3 are definative

Saliva T test is free testosterone. There is no SHBG in saliva.

Thank you for your honest reply sir.
Yes ill have to re-review your posting. I guess adrenal fatigue is going to be a slow recovery. i picked up the book you mention in that post but i honestly don’t know what to do with that info.

Read that book and see if it seems to be talking about you.

well im back, and im reviving this old thread
please see latest labs. How can i present this to the doctor and be stern about that there is an issue and it needs to be fixed? i swear if this doesn’t convince them not sure what else to do.