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Need Advice According to My Labs and Symptoms


I am 27 years old 178cm, 84kg male. 4 years ago i was on course prop+tren for two months, after it ends i took few pills for pct (tamoxa + clomid, sometimes i think that these two drugs shut me down because after i took them my libido gone at the same day, so i had to interrupt my pct). I tried a lot of supplements to restore my libido… nothing helped. I have a lot of my blood tests in different periods, will share with you a few. I think that there could be two reasons why my libido don’t want to work, first - I lowered my natural T, second - my hormones have no balance, some of them blocking my T.
What is interesting, that my body is very muscular, i exercise, and it is easy for me to grow muscles or mass or lose weight if i cut calories. actually i look like on course…

my symptoms : brain fog, not self confident, not stress resistant, poor sleep, low libido… but my mood in general is good, i always joking and funny :slight_smile: i can reach erection but it hard to keep it, because looks like my body and brain just dont want sex(some times i have waves when it looks like it going to be better, but after few hour or on next day libido could be still low).

once one urologist was prescribed me to take Letrozole 1tab e7d
this drug raised my test to 51 but i felt so bad… no libido and mod swings, please see labs after i used this pill
E2 - 144.2 pmol/l (ranges <43.6 - 146.1)
SHBG - nmol/l 29 (ranges 10-57)
T - nmol/l 51 (ranges 8.4-28.7)
PRL - mIU/l 226.9 (ranges 45-375)
FSH - IU/l6.7 (ranges 1.4-18.1)
LH - IU/l 7 (ranges 1,5-9,3)

once i tried clomid 12.5 in the morning, and i became horny for half a day, but in the end of the day i had mood swing and felt bad again, i think it raised my E2 or smth…

now i take only suplements like D3, zinc, fish oil… please look my last blood test

SHBG - 44.54 nmol/l (ranges 18.3 - 54.1)
E2 - 139 pmol/l (ranges 41.40 - 159)
FSH - 2.85 IU/L (ranges 1.5 - 12.4)
LH - 3.83 IU/L (ranges 1,7 - 8,6)
Morning cortisol - 406.10 nmol/L (ranges 172 - 497)
Test - 21.86 nmol/L (ranges 6.68 - 25.70)
DHEA-SO4 - 5.95 μmol/l (ranges 4.34 - 12.20)

still bad libido… hard to concentrate… sometimes i have weak morning woods, dont know what they depends on… fell like something just dont let my T work.

could you please give me advises according to my labs where i have to dig… and maybe some drugs i could to try. thank you very much ! and sorry for my eng :slight_smile:

Please go back into your thread and post ranges next to your lab results.


Your E2 is way too high. Your T production is fine, but that SHBG is limiting your free T. In short, your problem is most likely E2 related, and the cortisol ain’t helping you.

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We have a new endo doc that may be willing to help you out. @drericprimex, you around doc?

A large percentage of men have little or no libido on clomid, if you are unable to fix what you broke then TRT is the end game.

According to your Free T percentage is only at 1.82 %, between 2-3% is considered normal, preferably closer to 3%.

You need to start testing the free portion of testosterone, this is the stuff that does all the amazing stuff to your body, Total T is bound to SHBG and is not bioavailable.

Hi there

Sure happy to help. Did you get a sensitive E2 test or just the regular one?
Need more info on lifestyle, sleep, nutrition, stress, etc.

Dr. Eric

Just the regular one. What is the sensitive E2 test?
Life style - work from 8 to 5, gym after work. 3-4 times per week. sleep about 6-7hours. I try to avoid caffeine and alko… eat a lot of meat. take zinc, vita c, d3, before gym arginine + citruline + beta alanine. sometimes bca+creatine and protein shake. Could you please recommend some light drugs to try to understand if my problems related with SHBG or E2?

lots of stuff to address here. Sleep is foundational- need to get you sleeping 7-8 hours a night. Take Magnesium at night (helps with hundreds of metabolic pathways but testosterone metabolism and sleep/relaxation are key)- 300-400mg a night to start. Let’s start there can add other things later if needed.

Your symptoms could have many causes - I don’t think it’s related to Estrogen. SHBG is very beneficial to longevity, heart health and cancer protection, you don’t want to lower that.
You need to address your gut- I suspect you may have some gut issues as well as cortisol/adrenal and dopamine issues.
Many ways to test: a DUTCH test will look at all the hormones and adrenal issues. ZRT labs has some good ones as well. Genova Diagnostics has the best GI testing- I can send you info to connect with my rep there if you want.

Have to get to the root cause of this before treating with more meds.
Dr. Eric

Sent you a long email just a bit ago

as for Post cycle therapy- yes I would continue that. Clomid, HCG, Mg, Vitamin E (mixed tocopherols, not generic E), DHEA.

Dr. E

Thank you for your answer! But I am sure that my problems related only with my T or E2 levels. I think that i just lowered my natural t by playing with sters… as i mentioned before i feel waves in my mood sometimes… low libido and brain fog… also i noticed that hair on my head are not so lush as before… (body shape looks very good, muscles growing well also…) could you please recommend what is better to try to see if i can keep my T levels a bit higher and feel better? is it safe to start with low does of AI mono ? or SERMS ? or SERMS + AI? waiting for your answer. Thanks.

Yep, I gave you multiple suggestions in my last post. Let me know how it goes.

Dr. E