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Need Advice About First Cycle

Alright so I am currently 19 and am playing college football. During fall camp I tore my labrum in my shoulder and now I need surgery. As of right now I am 5’ 10" 205 about 20% bf. I am wanting to start a cycle to just help me get back up to strength and weight quicker after I recover. Before my injury I was my max bench was 315, squat 410, and dead lift 450. I am putting these numbers out there because I was reading that its best to start a cycle only after you have reached your natural limit and I believe that I am close if not at my limit. The only reason I am only considering steroids because once you get hurt in college sports you are kind thrown aside and I want to be even better before the start of next season. The cycle I’m looking at is

500 mg of Test E for 12 weeks
D-Bol 30 mg ED for 4 weeks
An AI on stand by which is Arimidex

Nolvadex ED 2 weeks after last injection for 40/40/20/20

If there’s anything that you think I should change or add let me know.

Are you not worried about testing / do you have that worked out?

Are you concerned about reinjuring your shoulder?

AI should be taken at low dose (.25 EOD for example) on cycle to manage estrogen, and at 19 you should also be using HCG on cycle.

The fact that you don’t know about Hcg or AI usage on cycle seems to indicate you have a lot of research left to do.