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Need Advice about Doc and TRT

Hello everyone,

I live in Canada in the Prairie provinces and it is almost impossible to find a doctor who knows anything about TRT.

After months of research I finally found a doc who was totally okay to give me a TRT.
We talked about my symptoms, about the all process, everything I already knew and HCG.
It was honestly for me and my GF a dream come true.

I only had to find an insurance company that would accept someone who has not yet his permanent residency… This is another problem that has not been resolved.

I wanted to come back a week later to tell him that I could not wait and was ready to start my TRT.
Unfortunately, he did not tell us that he had holidays for 4 weeks…

So we met another “doc”… and it was this time a real nightmare.
He was agressive, defensive and angry. He started by telling us that being 27 old was just a no-no.
He could not bare the thought that I was already aware of the TRT process and after telling us to get out because it was late and that he had other patients, he told me that he would send an email to the “nice” doctor about my case.

So now, I have to wait for 3 weeks before seeing the good doctor again and I don’t know if he will still agree to do a TRT with me because of the other doc.

Should I wait or should I contact the good doctor as well to tell him what happened?
I know it sounds weird but the only way I could contact him would be with a “formal letter” through Faceb**k.

I am just scared that he would change his mind because of the other doc.
What would you do? What would you recommend?


That doctor seems like he’s against TRT in general or just doesn’t know well enough about it, he sounds like an idiot as most doctors living outside of major cities seem as if their living under a rock tucked away in small towns who obviously never get out enough. This day and age there’s teens failing to go through puberty, guys in their mid 20’s experiencing low T symptoms. A perfectly healthy person should be able to get through their entire life never experiencing low T symptoms. You’ve open a can of worms for yourself by not being patient. Usually most doctors are hesitant about giving TRT to 20 year olds since their endocrine system is still developing up until their mid 20’s, he’s just uninformed is all and perhaps he could spread his misinformation to this other doctor since their all living under a rock. Did you have any blood test yet? Doctors can’t ignore blood test.

You are right. The thing is that I’m feeling worse and worse since september.
I don’t know what to do, I sure hope that my doctor will still agree to do a TRT.
I went to see a pharmacist who did not want to do a TRT because I was under the age of 65…
She gave me a load of pills to calm myself and lower my cortisol level.

I felt sleep for a two days and could even go to the gym in the morning.
It was just worse so I stopped it.
I paid 552 dollars for this bull***t…

I don’t know if I should do self medication.