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Need Advice About Burning Out

Well football season is starting so here is what im doing to prepare.

we are required to attend the weight room M/T/TH/FRI which lasts about 1.5 hours.

My brothers making me go with him to his soccer conditioning meetings so we run (cross country style) for about an 1-1.5 hours. 3X a week
But a member of a diff. forum has told me that cross country style running would hurt me more than help me. So i’m thinking about replacing the Cross Country Style running with sprint training down at the track.

basketball practice for 1.5-2 hours 5X a week.

my questions is, will all this physical activity cause me to burn out?
my dad says its good for me and will make me more athletic and that all atheletes train for such durations.

Your dad just wants you to be away so he can hook with your mom.

Honestly that’s alot of training, why practice basketball and soccer if your sport is football? With so much cardio you’re not gonna be packing any size at all in the gym unless you have crazy genetics and eat like a t-rex.

But most importantly, how old are you and how do you eat?