Need Advice about Adding Arimidex

Hello gentlemen,
I’m 45 years old
Train daily for over 2 years
5’10" - 235#
I’d describe myself as a “powerful looking chunky guy”…

I hold onto belly fat and a fat turkey neck.

After several blood tests with TT of low 200s, my doctor has agreed to start me on TRT.
(I’m also on Levothyroxene for thyroid function)

Now for the part I need help with:
My doc took a LOT of persuading to give me the test to inject myself at home. (He wants me to come in every 2 weeks!)
When I asked about hCG and arimidex he looked at me like I’m crazy and ignored the inquiry.

If I get som research peptide arimidex, should I start using it now? Or wait until after 90 days when I have my next bloodwork done to check my progress???
I’m assuming that my E will increase if I don’t use the arimidex and the doc might prescribe it to me at that point.

As for the hCG… is it only available by prescription? I’m not really sure if I need it. I’m not worried about fertility. At this point I’m not terribly worried about my balls shrinking. Advice???

Sorry for the long post!!!

Thanks in advance for any help and advice!

Tell us about your protocol. How much Test? How often are you injecting? SQ or IM?

It’s better to introduce Adex right from the start because it makes adjusting easier. The likelihood at your age and weight you’ll need an AI. So when you post your protocol we’ll suggest an Adex dose.

I was given a prescription for Test Cypionate to be taken 1cc every two weeks…
Doc wanted me to come in every 2 weeks for an injection. When I protested he agreed to let me inject myself and said “split up the dose any way you want”

I plan to inject Sub-q and split my doses into 1/4cc twice a week.

When I asked him about ADex he blew me off immediately… I’m wondering if he will request the right testing when I go back in 90 days for a progress report.

I’m considering getting some adex drops and starting soon.

Ok, for future reference, you need to give doses in milligrams not milliliters. I’m going to assume the dose is 200mg every two weeks. So you need to inject 50mg every 3.5 days sq. Then run your labs halfway between injections for the best results. You also want to wait at least 4 weeks to run the first labs. If I’m correct on the dose, I would recommend taking 0.5mg of Adex at the time of injections. Then when you test be SURE you are getting either the labcorp sensitive E2 or the quest ultra sensitive E2 test. That is super important. Also want to test Total T, Free T, SHBG. So I inject Sunday am, Wednesday pm and I do labs in the early afternoon on Friday’s.

Ideally, you want your TT and FT in the very upper ranges and your E2=22.

Thanks for your advice!

My Dr explained it to me in “cc” which is why I used that for reference.
I’m waiting on a “PA form” from my Dr to the insurance company before my first prescription gets filled. At whatever point that actually happens I intended to spend some time with my pharmacist to get a clearer picture on dosage.

So the vial of meds is normally 10ml ???
Would this mean a vial of T will last 20 weeks?

I’m sorry and somewhat embarrassed about my ignorance on this subject, but I’ve been reading everything I can to try to educate myself.


If the concentration of the T is 200mg/ml then you have 2,000mg and at 100mg/week you have 20 weeks. You will fill the insulin syringe to the 0.25cc mark and inject every 3.5 days. T cyp also comes in concentrations of 100mg/ml. You’ll see the concentration of yours on the vial.

Arimidex comes in 1mg pills. You’ll need to buy a pill splitter to accurately cut the pills in half. Or you can buy liquid research Adex if your doc won’t give you a prescription.

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It makes more sense for guys to start at 100mg/week. 200mg mostly leads to problems getting balanced. And 200mg may make your blood too thick and it can be hard to back out of that.