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Need Advice. 2nd Cycle, 12 Week Plan

Hey guys I’m new to this site and just trying to figure it out. Im going to get right into it, 33m 185poind 17-18% body fat, im currently on 250ml test c, Sunday and Wednesday are injection days, I got arimidex on hand and I started to take it yesterday.5mg eod, im going to injection 250ml tmr test c. Going to run for 12 maybe weeks total and week 8 thru 12 going to run hcg 500ui 2 times week so total 8 shots and 10 days after last injection of test start Nolvadex for about 4-6 weeks 40/40/20/20/20. Sounds good???, this is my second cycle. Last time I did one was May 2016 for 14 weeks. I have a question also about my arimidex, it comes in 1mg pellets so I can’t chop them in half, is it ok to take the pill apart and take out some of the power and cap it again and then pop it or can I take 1mg every 2 days or even 3fsys? I know the suggested dose is .5eod, not sure if it’s ok to remove some of the adrimidx and then pop it back?? I started to trip out about Gyno and I keep feeling sharp tiny little pains here and there on right of my pecs, only taken 3 test shots so far so not sure if im just tripping balls or not. Last time I did itin 2016 my nipples got soar and was tanking Nolvadex thru cycle, I have minor Gyno from childhood and it don’t bother me but I don’t want it to get worse, it’s not that bad at all but it’s there slightl