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Need Adivce on Oral Cycle


im 25 yrs old, 155lbs, 9% bodyfat. Ive been training now for over 2yrs. I hit the gym 6 days a week i lift four days and mix in cardio (about 3 times weekly). Im looking to add some size and also loose to bodyfat too (if it's possible). I have some gyno i think from puberty, not sensitive and not painful but some kind of extra tissue behind my nipples not really notacible. I dont want to run a stupid cycle and get more gyno.

I was thinking of running epi cycle. My question is if i should run a AI with it. I have nolva for pct.. from what i read some cycles consists of a steriod, with AI like letro. Then after steriod and letro cycle, adding in some nolva for prevent estrogen rebound. Please any helpful advice is welcome. Other then reading threads and google search, i dont have anywere to get advice so please feel welcome to put your two cents in, im all ears.

Thank you


What's your height?




lol no.

fix the diet first. then do drugs when you look like you lift weights while wearing a t shirt.


I guess ur meaning that I'm too small????


I guess ur meaning that I'm too small????




Training for two years? You really should achieve more naturally before making the jump...


An "oral" cycle? Its called food. Take it 4-6 times per day. Run this cycle for a year and up the dosage constantly until you get results.