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Need a Wrestling Workout

i’m looking for help finding a good lifting routine for high school wrestlers. looking for strength gains with minimal weight gains.

So, your a light weight class wrestler, the best workouts you can do are ones that involve alot of pulling. Do chin ups and rows as often as you can. The pulling muscles are probably the most important ones in wrestling. You are also going to want to do alot of single leg squats or lunges to simulate the stand up, and it will also help with your shot. Complexes are really good for wrestling, you can use the search function and find some. You may also want to try Meltdown training, which is a complex that utilizes the lactic acid system to lose weight and build muscle. It will also keep you from getting muscle fatigue during matches, by helping your body flush lactic acid.

On another note, most 119’s are ectomorph’s meaning that it is really difficult for you to gain weight. So this summer if i were you, i would do Bench press, full squats, chin ups, and Dead lifts. All once a week.

For the first three or 4 weeks, start off using 3 sets of 8-10 reps, then the following 3-4 weeks, do 4 sets of 4-6 reps, and the last about 9 weeks out from the start of wrestling practice, start doign 5 sets of 3. 5 sets of 3 will really help you strength out alot. These workouts will look something like this
Good Mornings
Calf Raises
Wide Grip Chin ups 3 sets to Failure

Bench Press
Chest Flies
Lateral Raises
Tricep Extensions or Nosebreakers

Dead lifts
Bicep Curls
Wide Grip Chin ups 3 sets to Failure

Then about 5 weeks before practice starts do this,

If youd don’t listen to any of my other advice that i have given you, at least listen to this. Don’t be afraid to gain weight from strength training. Weight class doesn’t matter, the only thing that matters is you strength skill and endurance relative to your weight. So if you gain muscle mass, dont go run 5 miles to try to lose it, its not worth it, you will end up getting weaker. Get as strong as you can while maintaining a low body fat percentage and you will do fine. The stronger you get, the better off you will be.