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Need a Workout Routine

Im 62 YOA,5 Ft 8" 170 lbs.Have been working out all my life mostly just to stay in shape.Sold all my personal eqpt and joined a Gym.Not interested in enormous size.Wouldnt mind in legs and arms.My max Bench is 300 Lbs.Squats dont do many of those do Presses instead.My knees have problems because of all running I did in past 30 or 40 years.Would like to increase my Cardio,strength without gaining to much.Curretly I wear size 34 " waist in trousers,would like to lose some of that and also increase my “V” shape and perform better with my Chins & pullups.I know I can do less that 10.
Any suggestions

Mad Mike,

Looking to increase your V-Shape and cardio I would focus on workout density.
Set up strength circuits with a template such as …
1a. Upper Body Press
1b. Lower Body
1c. Upper Body Pull
1d. Core

You do presses instead of squats?

I do both. A lower body exercise would be the second in the series.

[quote]Silyak wrote:
You do presses instead of squats?[/quote]
I imagine he is referring to leg press.