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Need A Workout Routine and Buddy

Ok, I finaly found a good gym (at least to me it is). Now, I need a workout routine. I heard that I should do upper body, lower body, and core seperately on different days. As you can guess, I have no clue as to what to do in a gym.

I figured if I really wanted to know and get good some advice, I should come here. What should I do?

I am 145lbs, 5ft5in (without shoes) 27yrs old. So, anyone with good form and good results feel free to hit me back with some pearls of wisdom. Hey, if you like, include a detailed weekly routine.

And if you are in the Belleville, Ill. area I could use a workout buddy at the LiveRite Gym.

Here’s a good thread to get ya started…


Hey, thanks!!!

This is something I had lying around. Feel free to try it on for size if you want.

You should get a personal trainer etc to show you the proper technique for exercises. Technique is all important!

Workouts to be performed 2 -4 times/wk.
Records all efforts and aim to beat previous effort by at least 2 reps every time workout is performed.
Do workouts consecutively. Rest 1-2 days between.

Lower weights slowly and under control to a count of 3

This program assumes trainee has no major imbalances. Trainee with severely hunched shoulders or who experience back pain should consider another program.

Workout 1
Sets Reps Rest
Squats 2 10-15 2mins
Bench Press 2 6-15 none
(alternating w/)
Seated Row 2 6-15 1min
Leg Press 2 6-12 2mins
Bicep Curl 1 6-10 none
(alt w/)
Tricep ext. 1 6-10 none
Reverse Curl 1 10-15 none
(alt w/)
Overhead Tricep extension
1 10-15 none

Workout 2
Sets Reps Rest
Lunges 2 15-20 2mins
Shoulder Press 2 6-15 none
(alternating w/)
Pull Ups 2 As many as possible
Leg Press 2 6-12 2min
Lower Abs 2 5-20 none
Upper Abs 2 5-20 1min

Now, that’s tight.
I’ll give that a try

Check your private messages; I left you something there.