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Need a Workout Program


Hi everybody. Im 15 and I need a training programme..I mean full body
Attending for help...

I'm looking for exercises wich can be done at home..for exp: dumbbell exercises for all body muscle groups. I'm not training on special gym equipment..


you're asking for exercise programs on the 'rate my physique' when you have what must be hundreds of pages of advice at your fingertips? try looking for 'dumbbell exercises' in the FAQ section....


cheers dude


Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
Squat 2x15 (No weight, keep both feet flat on the floor.)

Push-up 2x15 (On your toes, go until the chest almost touches the floor.)

Lunge 2x15 (Alternate legs, 1 rep left/1 rep right.)

Neutral-grip pull-up 2x15 (assisted if necessary. Could be substituted with inverted rows.)

Plank 2x15-count (Hold the top part of a push-up, on the toes, arms straight, keep the whole body straight. Count to 15.)

Burpee/squat thrust 2x15

That's my go-to program for younger guys to start with. Basic bodyweight exercises to make sure everything's "working right" and to develop a general base of conditioning. Once you can handle each of those with great technique and without hitting muscular failure, then you can go ahead with to any basic dumbbell or barbell-based program, of which there are many.