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Need a Workout Program with First Cycle

Hello , my name is Rusi, and iv been working out for around 4 years and half, wich most of the time ive been active with calisthenics and here and there weight training. Im gonna start my first cycle with testosteron enanthate, and i want a advice for a workout. Im 75 kg, and 182 cm.22 years old.

If you are looking for someone to hold your hand and write you a program, you are in the wrong place… There are plenty of sites and cookie cutter programs for that. This is a pharma forum. It’s not the write me a free workout plan forum. If you have questions about gear or something gear related, feel free to ask. If you have been training for 4.5 years, you shouldn’t really be asking a simple question like that. You should train for whatever goal you set for yourself. We don’t know what that is because you didn’t tell us any info about your goals, diet, or really anything.

Want training advice?
Pick things up and put them down.


Snowflake you are commanded to read a fucking book.

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