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Need A Workout Plan


I am 5'-10" about 155 lbs and 22 yrs old. I have been lifting pretty regularly, at least three times a week, for about three years now. Considering how weak I was when I first started I have made a decent amount of progress. I have now hit the plateau that a lot of people hit and can't make any more progress in gaining strength and getting more definition.

I have never taken any supplements or altered my diet too much. I have used various workout routines but have never been overly serious about sticking to them. I also have incorporated a significant amount of cardio, sports and other activities into my workouts.

I am seeking advice on what workouts I need to do and how I can alter my diet to help me gain another 10-15 lbs of muscle and more definition. I was a fat kid when I was little so I am not overly cut. I lost a lot of that fat but still am not where I want to be with definition. I know gaining muscle will help the definition part but I just need to know how to get that extra muscle. I just started drinking some whey protein with milk so I don't know if it's working yet or not. I also take flax oil for a skin condition, not that it matters but I know some people take this for fat burning or something.

I would appreciate any advice on workout routines, workout frequency, diet plans, etc.



Look up Chad Waterbury or Christian Thibaudeau.

Both offer great programs.

-The Truth


I would also suggest anything by Chad Waterbury.

Make sure you are eating lots. If your 155lbs and 5'10 it would be pretty damn hard for you to be fat. Your probally going to want to eat about 4000cals a day of good healthy foods.

I would suggest getting 1.5-2g of protien per pound of bodyweight as well. Whey helps with this.

If you have really been training for 3 years for size, im a little surprised you arnt bigger.

Read some articles on here about nutrition and supplementation. They will help you out.

Also flax oil isn't used for cutting or far burning as far as i know. Flax is actually a healthy fat. I think most people have switched over to fish oils though.


Not to judge or critisize but if you've been lifting for 3 years you should be a lot bigger. Sounds like you have problems in your diet and training program. I'd focus on diet first. 10-15 lbs should be no problem but work on mass then definition. Doing both at once will be twice as hard.


I appreciate your help but that is why I am here because I feel the same way. From what you are telling me work on the diet and mass first. So obviously I need to read about some nutrition about what to eat. Secondly, do I stop doing cardio? Or do I just limit my cardio? Another thing, what is the best way to get my protein? If I am to get the protein that the other guy suggested I would have to drink like 10 shakes a day.

From the posts above, do I need to look up those guys workouts on the internet or within this webpage?


Alot of your lack of results comes from your lack of drive and intensity.Get a plan. Stick to it. EAT!

Pretty simple really.


full body eat no cardio


Okay heres my plan.

Do Chad Waterbury's ABBH Program

Eat a lot of protein. What about carbs?

Quit doing cardio except maybe twice a week or so.

How does that sound?