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Need a Whey Protein Alternative


Due to an allergy to the proteins in milk, I've decided I must find an alternative product. I've used whey protein for years, but I can't continue with whey because the allergy is getting worse.

I don't really see the allergy as a problem for most meals of the day, but for the peri-workout nutrition, it's a big deal. It seems that all options have casein and or whey (hydrolyzed or not).

Are there any good and fast-acting, non-milk based proteins out there?

I can't use soy, and don't want to use egg protein either.

I've read that Dr. John Berardi has said that "Rice protein extracts are a great hypoallergenic alternative to milk and soy proteins. Some rice protein on the market have been fortified with the limiting amino acids and can be a good choice." So rice seems to nail the hypoallergenic aspect, but where can I find a complete rice protein (at a decent price) and what about the fast acting part?

I also know about pea protein isolate, but I'm unsure if this is hypoallergenic. Has anyone tried this, or know of any studies using it?

Thanks as always.



If I go with Rice Protein, I found this review (of Jarrow brand rice protein from another website) helpful:


what about hemp protein?


interesting stuff, i live on Metabolic Drive...unfortunatley like yourself i need to be avoiding dairy due to food allergies, on top of that i have a severe allergy to BEEF, so i am screwed. So far i have just been avoiding the worst offenders but have not given up my Metabolic Drive...i guess if there was a good alternative but i have not found it either.


Thanks for the suggestion. It's probably a no go, but I won't rule it out. I'm looking for a purer source of protein though. What does it taste like? I've read about it but never tried it. It seems to be pretty high in fat, which would obviously lessen a spike to insulin, and you wouldn't really want to take that with high glycemic carbs either.


The problem for me is not that there are no alternatives. There are. I'm looking for a good alternative that also gives a favorable response comparable to what Surge or Anacaonda would give (which contains a highly hydrolyzed milk proteins, which digest very rapidly)

If you just want to avoid milk proteins, there are a few viable options for you as far as powders go. I'm just not sure how fast they absorb compared to Surge and the like:

Egg White Protein
Hemp Protein
Pea Protein
Rice Protein

They're all fairly cheap. I can't take egg protein though. Perhaps in due time, I'll be able to reincorporate it. For now, I might try to cycle through Pea and Rice switching every other (workout) day. On non workout days I will stick to meats.


Damn I wish I was connected. There certainly is hydrolyzed pea and rice protein out there, but none that I can seem to purchase. I've seen hydrolyzed rice protein for sale as a cosmetic, and have seen hydrolyzed pea concentrate used in a study on rats - http://www.plasticsurgerypractice.com/reuters_article.asp?id=20090324drgd001.html

Probably I'll just go with Pea and Rice protein (non-hydrolyzed) for now.



Have you tried any of that super-isolated whey? (Iso-pure I think it is called)


I have super isolated whey protein. 35 grams of protein per 37 gram cup.


Thanks for the suggestion. But sorry, it's not the lactose that gives me trouble, so isolate won't make any difference. Even Surge gives me problems and that's some of the best protein money can buy. One serving isn't that big of a deal, but when i take Surge every day, it has a big cumulative effect. Consider yourself lucky if you have no problems (probably the majority of people), but I feel for you if you have problems and just don't realize how much better you'd feel without whey like I did.

It's the specific formations of proteins in milk, both whey and casein that I need to stay away from. And for the record, I doubt IsoPure has many benefits over Jarrow's rice protein, i.e. it doesn't have a more complete amino profile and it doesn't digest faster (iso-pure is not hydrolyzed). The only benefits of iso pure are certain immune boosting subfractions and growth factors, although these are only present in some whey protein, and are destroyed and/or filtered out in many proteins on the market.