Need a Weightlifting Belt That Fits

I just recently started training for strongman. I am a former football player so I have always been required to not use a belt. I’m a large guy and I am having a lot of trouble finding a belt that fits if
Someone could point me in the right direction. Thanks!

Soft belt or stiff? What kind of budget? What kind of waist size?

I’d think any manufacturer you see worn by a pro strongman of SHW powerlifter should have something for you

I don’t really have a budget. I think I want a stiff belt maybe leather. I wear a 46-48 waist in pants and I had bought a belt up

To 49” but it was far too small.

The belt size is the circumference around where your naval is, not your pant size.

I had this same issue where size 44 pants all the belts were too small, but where my belly button is, is 57" so that’s the size belt i need.

Where did you find a belt

That size?

I think Pioneer makes the best belts out there, particularly for the price they charge. SBD belts are great too, but insanely expensive. I have one of each, and for someone buying their first belt, Pioneer is an awesome option. I got the SBD belt for half price, otherwise I’d still be using the Pioneer. Great belt.

But the best thing about Pioneer is their customer service. They have an XXL belt that says it’s for size 43-52. So that may be the right belt for you, but instead of just buying it, I would call them and tell them your measurements. They do a LOT of custom work, including things like special stitching, logos, etc. And even specialty belts are delivered reasonably quickly. I can’t say enough good things about them. So if they get your measurements and believe they don’t have a ‘standard’ belt that will fit you, they’ll make you one that does.

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Thanks for the help

I’ve had a positive experience with Bob’s belt. Took about 2 weeks.
Also Spud inc. belts, very adjustable to size,