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Need a Website Built


I'm wondering if anyone out there would want to help me build a vBulletin based forum/website.

I'm looking for someone that would be willing to do this in their spare time or someone that is "climbing the ladder" in the web designing world. I have a friend that built me two websites a few years ago for a good price, but now he has his own business and I can't afford his prices.

I'm not looking for someone to work for nothing because I have respect for everyone that is a specialist in their field (nutritionists, trainers, electricians, etc), but I do intend to bring in revenue with this website (above and beyond advertising, if any), so possible part-ownership is on the table for discussion in exchange for a lowered price.

If anyone is interested or if anyone has information on what to expect (cost to opeate, etc.) please PM me or just post in this thread.

Thanks in advance


I might be able to do some stuff with PhpBB; Creation of custom themes and modification work. Could you pm me any more information about your website?