Need a Unique MRP for a Woman

My GF doesn’t like the taste or consistency of MRP powders that are “thick” (my word, not hers), so the standard chocolate, vanilla, etc shakes are out. She’s tried several, even a few tastes from various flavors of Muscle Milk (and who doesnt’ like those).

So, I’m looking for a quality MRP that is more liquid than “thick” something along the lines of fruit punch flavor, or orange flavor.

I looked at Cytosport’s Cytomax Pre-formance, but it’s too many carbs IMO for a MRP to have like twice a day.
Closest I could find is IsoPure’s orange MRP, 50g protein 25g carbs 300 calories, the calories are a bit high for her IMO, but the serving size can just be cut down a bit.
Any other suggestions?

jf, the new Metabolic Complete MRP is not thick at all and mixes very easily with a good vanilla taste. I realize you said she doesn’t want vanilla, but drop some Power Drive in there and viola you have orange cream or choose any other additive.


What, adding water doesn’t work?

Honestly, I don’t get it.

[quote]Dandalex wrote:
What, adding water doesn’t work?

Honestly, I don’t get it.[/quote]

believe me, neither do I. she doesn’t care for bars either.

She prefers real food (which is great), but eating every 3 hrs, it’s nice to have a back up plan when need be.

maybe you could find a MRP sans any sort of fiber?

have you ever tried going to websites that sell blank proteins in bulk? You might want to ask if they add any fiber to their “bulk proteins”, as far as that goes, it probably won’t get any thinner than that. She can add that to her blended shakes, or you often request seperate flavor packets.

Metabolic Drive (low-carb) is very thin when mixed with water.

Metabolic Drive Complete is much thicker.

Go for the low-carb Metabolic Drive and mix it with water. It’ll be thin and tastes great.

I actually prefer the thicker mixture of Metabolic Drive Complete, but I don’t want all the carbs. :wink: