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Need a Training Routine Suggestion

Background, 37 y/o intermediate lifter who trains at home looking to add size and strength, I would like to train 4 days per week. Any suggestions would be appreciated. WS4SB looks like I can perform at home, anything else?


Jim Wendler’s 5-3-1, which a lot of us are doing with great success.

  • 1 on 5-3-1. I am on my third cycle and making consistent gains and really enjoying the program.

5/3/1. nuff said. www.elitefts.com

Eric Cressey
Maximum strength Im just about wrapping up

4 days a week two upper, two lower
lots of pressing squatting and pulling.
built in deload, 4 small 4 week cycles.

I love it.
but lots of people like 5.3.1.