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Need a Strength Program


Need a good strength program to run I am going to do events in Saturday so bear that in my mind thanks

15 years young been training properly 3-4 months have 5 days a week to train and I have adequate recovery and access to a lot of food


Candito’s 6 week strength program is a pretty good program.


I have tried it made some good strength gains but went for a second cycle but now that my squat is stronger the volume was killing me


[quote]tsantos wrote:
Candito’s 6 week strength program is a pretty good program.[/quote]

I’m on my second week of this program at the moment. Really enjoying the quick workouts, this first time through I’m only performing the main exercises with minimal assistance. Going to start it up for a second run through with the added assistance.

There is always 5/3/1, I enjoy the Monolith personally, although I haven’t tried many of the other variations.


@HitEmUp I like Thibedeau’s Complete Power Look Program for building strength. However, if you’re currently doing strength work, it might serve you well to cycle to a hypertrophy program to get the full benefits of another strength program. Cycling between strength and hypertrophy gives your muscles different stimuli and will help prevent a plateau.


Just saw you were a young guy fairly new to lifting. You probably won’t have to worry about cycling to prevent a plateau just yet, but it still might not be a bad idea. Just do a little experminentation and see what works best for ya