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Need a sports "doctor". Can you advise? Cycling/racing

Evening all… I asked a few weeks back for some advice and I think I’ve phrased this question wrong. So gonna try a different approach.

Can you help a cyclist fast approaching 40 to become competitive enough to win an amateur race? Just for the record- we are talking amateur racing/no prize money and looking at the physiques of fellow competitors I’m about the only guy left who’s not using anything.

Feel like I’ve exhausted my genetic potential. I’ve weighed up the pros and cons and now want to do what most other people who are racing successfully probably do and use some assistance.

Where do I start? I want my legs to grow bigger, stronger and have more stamina whilst cutting excess fat. I’d like my upper body to not lose muscle but not waste away either. Id like to lose 10kg whilst getting stronger and fitter.

Can you design me a cycle/gear programme to start with? Where would I go from there? What I do can’t cause me to then lose everything and go worse than where I started when I stop whatever I’m taking (I understand I will go backwards… I just can’t drop back further than current level). I can train 10-15 hours a week and know how to train, my body just can’t sustain it in its natural state.

I don’t want to touch growth hormones as I just don’t trust the idea… but will take/inject other substances.

So… Can a bunch of very educated self educated pharmaceutical experts act as my team sky doctors?

Where should I start? I need whatever I take to not tank my cardio fitness (improve it if possible).

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