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Need a Special Player For Torrent?


Hey, I have BitCommet and can download the torrents but they will not play in any player i have...quicktime, WMP, realplayer, etc.

Do I need a special player? Orrrr some kind of program.

I'm gettin crazy from this.....that's gansta talk for pissed off.

The files are comin up .mp3.bc!


A torrent is just a file that allows you to download the actual music. Get a program like bittorrent, open the torrent file in it, and your music will download.

edit, I guess I misread your post. Never heard of .mp3.bc Have you tried renaming them to .mp3?


Yep, you need an app to use the .torrent files with. I personally use Azureus.


Thanks guys.

I figured out that mp3.bc means it wasnt completed yet...they play just fine now.